Ford more desirable than premium brands

Ford is one of the most desirable brands amongst company car drivers, even being more highly-esteemed in their eyes than various premium brands.

This comes according to new data from Sewells Research and Insight, who created a top 10 list of the most desirable company cars amongst drivers.

According to the list, Ford placed second in the top 10 ahead of various premium and German brands, bucking the trend for the usual “badge snob” approach to company cars.

Sewells said that the study was the largest of its kind across the fleet market, questioning more than 2,000 fleet managers and drivers.

The data showed that more respondents said that they’d drive a Ford  over a Mercedes or Audi model, while Vauxhall also placed well in the list, coming in at 6th place.

Simon Staplehurst, Sewells’ commercial manager, said: “Yet we are also seeing fleet managers torn between delivering what their drivers want, which is everyday prestige, against what their budgets can deliver.

“This is why Ford and Vauxhall continue to be major heavyweights when it comes to fleet, claiming almost a fifth of the votes combined when it comes to the most desirable cars.”

He noted that the popularity of Ford’s models was due to a range of factors, including their relative low prices when compared with other brands, plus Ford’s wide variety of optional kit and frugal engines.

New Mondeo

The company’s upcoming range of models, including the new Mondeo, is expected to boost Ford’s fleet popularity even further when it’s released, thanks to a range of new safety kit.

Features will include adaptive cruise control, hands-free perpendicular parking and a new pedestrian detection system with automatic braking.

As well as that, the new Mondeo will come with a choice of petrol EcoBoost engines, with emissions as low as 119g/km.

The EcoBoost engine has gone on to become one of Ford’s main selling points in the past year or so, with one in every five Ford models now specified with one of the ultra-frugal power units.

New hybrid cars

In response to a demand for lower-emissions vehicles, Ford is also reported to be working on a brand-new range of hybrid vehicles, which could surface in the next few years.

However, in the meantime Ford are introducing a hybrid version of the Mondeo for the first time ever. Though performance figures have yet to be announced, the company says that the hybrid Mondeo will have emissions as low as 99g/km.

Due to go on sale later this year, the all-new Mondeo will be priced available in the UK as a five-door saloon, four-door hybrid saloon and as an estate, with prices starting from £20,795.