Lotus and Elise Championships at Donington Park 2014

On the 20th and 21st of September the Lotus Cup UK and Elise Trophy took to Donington Park- one of the greatest circuits in Europe. Donington Park GP is renowned for its mix of fast and slow corners, and boasts one of the most famous sections in the world; the Craner Curves.

Perrys chairman Ken and his son Ryan took part in the penultimate round of the 2014 championships with one of them managing to gain a spot on the podium.

Lotus Cup UK

In the Lotus Cup UK that took place on the 20th of September Ken managed to qualify second overall and in first class.

After losing a place at the start, Ken settled into third position for the first half of the race. Unfortunately with only three laps to go Ken had to retire with a broken exhaust silencer.

Ken’s son Ryan qualified in sixth position in the production class and after a great race managed to cross the finishing line in third position.  Unfortunately Ryan faced a two lap penalty as his pitstop was one second too short.

Elise Trophy

 On the second day of the penultimate round Ken raced his son Ryan for the first time in a production car. However Ken faced problems with his car in qualification resulting in him qualifying in sixth position. His son Ryan managed to qualify fourth.

At the start of the race Ryan was a little slow off the line, allowing Ken to get a head start. Unfortunately Ryan ran into the back of Ken on the first corner- causing both father and son to lose their positions.

Ken had a pitstop to repair the car but still managed to finish 18th out of 31 starters. Ryan finished fourth.

The second race was a reverse grid, with Ken starting fifth and Ryan seventh. It was a fabulous race for Ryan, finishing third and making his way onto his first ever podium. Ken finished sixth.

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