Vauxhall goes for Guinness World Record

Vauxhall is attempting to smash a Guinness World Record to celebrate the launch of the all-new Corsa.

An early prototype of the fourth-generation supermini is being used in Vauxhall’s attempt to set the record for the largest GPS drawing.

GPS art combines drawing, travelling and technology in order to create one single artwork on a massive scale. Using GPS receivers, the tracks of a journey are recorded and can be downloaded, then collated to create a “drawing”.

The current record for the largest GPS drawing is 4,451 miles, but Vauxhall intends to raise the bar even further, taking part in a month-long endurance race that will cover more than 7,000 miles.

GPS art pioneer

Created with the help of GPS art pioneer Jeremy Wood, the final touches to the artwork will be added by motoring journalists as they test the latest version of the award-winning Corsa this month.

Jeremy’s work has become internationally acclaimed and even features in permanent collections in the London Transport Museum, the Victoria and Albert museum and the University of Arts.

He said: “This is by far the most challenging commission that I’ve taken on. In order to make the image instantly recognisable, I’ve driven new Corsa on a huge mix of roads and travelled some of the most convoluted routes to ensure that the outlines are clear and memorable.”

According to the carmaker, the artwork is nearly done and, when completed, will stretch the length of the UK, ranging from Scotland to the south coast of England.

The final image will be revealed at the end of the month, via Vauxhall’s website and social network channels, and is due to be honoured with an official Guinness World Record title soon after.

As well as that, the artist praised the abilities of the upcoming Corsa supermini, saying: “It’s wonderfully comfortable and quiet for covering a high mileage every day. It’s also averaged 50mpg, which given my stop-start work has been a pleasant surprise.”

Vauxhall PR manager, Simon Hucknall, said: “Corsas can be found in every village, town and city around the UK, so we wanted to visit as many locations as possible during the record attempt to raise awareness of the new car.

“We also wanted to create a truly unifying image using modern technology, which squared well with the level of innovation in the new car.”

The new Vauxhall Corsa can be ordered now, with prices starting from £8,995 and first deliveries expected early next year.