Furry Fiat sets Guinness World Record

An Italian woman has set a world record for the second time, after completely covering her car in human hair.

The coupe toupee, as it’s being referred to, was created by Maria Lucia Mugno, who spent over 150 hours sewing strands of human hair onto her original Fiat 500.

As a result, the furred Fiat has been officially crowned the World’s Hairiest Car by Guinness World Records, for the second time.

The 44-year old hair stylist previously set the record back in 2010, after covering the dinky car in 100kg of human hair.

According to Maria, the idea came to her after a friend made a bet with her, claiming that she couldn’t make a car covered in hair.

It seems she’s proven that one wrong, though, after adding an additional 20kg’s worth of hair to re-assert her position as the owner of the world’s most hirsute supermini.

120kg of human hair

As a result, the little Fiat 500 now carries 120kg of human hair, the equivalent of around 60 bags of sugar.

Completely covered from top to tail, the car features heavily braided strands of hair on the bodywork, plus detailing on the bumpers, wheel arches and front grille.

Its interior has been given similar treatment, with everything from the seats to the steering wheel upholstered in hair. Finishing touches include a majestic multi-coloured cape on the back made from, you’ve guessed it, hair.

The hair used by the stylist has been imported especially from India, as the stylist claims that Indian hair is stronger and more durable than the hair of Europeans.

Worth over £63,000

It doesn’t come cheap, though, and it’s estimated that the little Fiat is now worth in excess of 80,000 Euros, or around £63,000.

Despite its odd appearance, Maria also insists that she still drives the car on a regular basis, often nipping to the shops behind the wheel of the bewhiskered motor.

As well as being the family run-around, the mother of two and her art assistant, who helped her to create the car’s design, hope that the Fiat will “serve as a symbol of freedom and peace in the world”.

Knowing the importance of a well-kept head of hair more than anyone, the stylist also admits that she gives the car the odd brush here and there to keep it looking its best. How it fares in a car wash, however, hasn’t yet been disclosed.

If you’re interested in setting your own world record, the Fiat 500 is available to buy now, with prices starting from £10,320. You’ll have to provide your own hair, though…