What will you do with your old tax disc?

As of tomorrow, drivers around the UK will officially be able to rip up their tax discs for good, as the government abolishes them.

Nearly 100 years of history will be shaken up after the Treasury scraps the discs to save up to £7 million a year in administration fees.

It’s mostly good news for drivers; as well as saving the hassle of fiddling with the perforated paper pieces, motorists can now pay their tax monthly instead of annually or bi-annually.

The advantage of this means that you can pay your tax as needs dictate month by month, and you can also set up a direct debit so your tax is automatically paid each month.

Police will now use numberplate scanning equipment mounted in their cars to check that your tax has been paid, which means that the old paper disc will soon be history.

However, that leaves drivers with one key question: what do you do with the old tax disc?

Vauxhall’s Art Car Boot Fair has provided one answer, by turning the old discs and their holders into intricate works of art that you can display in your car’s windscreen.

Having recently partnered with renowned artist Tracey Emin, Vauxhall has now started a project to create a range of bespoke artworks to give the now-obsolete discs a new lease of life.

Pretty Taxing

Called Pretty Taxing!, the project has commissioned a range of limited-edition disc artworks that have been produced in conjunction with artists include Gavin Turk and Sir Peter Blake, the man behind The Beatles’ famous Sgt. Pepper’s artwork.

Each piece will be numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity, specially designed packaging and a special disc holder in which to place the art.

Denis Chick, Vauxhall’s director of communications, said: “The Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair is always about the unexpected and making art accessible.

“The Pretty Taxing series of tax disc artworks are an eye-catching in-car accessory, giving people the opportunity to take their artwork on the road with them.”

If art isn’t your thing, then how about some other ideas? For a start, your old tax disc would make a really nice drinks coaster and a talking point for petrolheads.

Or, perhaps you might like to string some elastic through it and wear it like a ‘cARRR’-themed pirate eyepatch? You could even use it as toilet paper. Or then again, maybe not…

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