Ford supplies Transit fleet to children’s charity

Ford has supplied a 26-strong fleet of new Ford Transit Minibuses to the Lord’s Taverners charity.

The specially-modified minibuses will be used to transport children with disabilities and special education needs.

Lord’s Taverners Charity

Having started its special schools programme in 1976, Lord’s Taverners charity has donated over 1,100 minibuses to schools in its time.

Many of the children cared for by the charity used wheelchairs and the Transit Minibuses have been adapted specifically to deal with this.

The buses will help them to participate in sporting events that would otherwise be inaccessible to them, including wheelchair basketball and table cricket.

Nicky Pemberton, director of charitable programmes for the Lord’s Taverners, said: “We provide special educational needs schools with the opportunity to meet their transport needs.

“A minibus typically costs between £54,000 and £58,000 by the time it has been converted for wheelchair access and our programme enables a school to own its own vehicle, usually they make a contribution of around 25 per cent and we fund the rest.

“The minibuses operate for anything up to 10 years and, as we give away around 30 of them a year, there are probably between 210 and 250 Lord’s Taverners’ minibuses on the roads of Britain and Ford Transit is the ideal vehicle for the job!”

Ford Transit Models

All Ford Transit models have a wide and varied history of service within fleets, helping everyone from businesses and charities to the AA.

Each new Transit undergoes extensive and rigorous testing to ensure that the models can stand up to the real-life wear, tear and stress that they’re subjected to in their years of service.

More than 300,000 miles of real-world use has been used by Ford’s testers prior to the launch of the new Transit range. Ford explains that this has helped to make the new models even more useable than ever before.

Ford adds that more than 100 significant improvements to the range have come as a direct result of its testing regime.

For the Lord’s Taverners charity, this means that the new fleet of Transits set for use by them will now be even better than ever before.

Ford Regional Account Business Manager, Sally Overington, said: “The Lord’s Taverners does great work to help children with special educational needs to get out and about to broaden their experiences and horizons, and it is great that Ford can assist with these efforts.”

The new Ford Transit is available with a range of 2.2-litre diesel engines with a combined fuel economy of 44mpg, while CO2 emissions are recorded at just 169g/km. Pricing for the all-new 2014 Transit range currently starts from £21,744.