Ford reportedly working on new hybrid series

Ford is reported to be working on a brand-new series of hybrid powered vehicles.

According to sources at the company, the new range will be introduced in late 2018 and is aiming to take over the plug-in market as the go-to hybrid vehicle.

The car, which is as-of-yet unnamed will be Ford’s first dedicated hybrid series, as opposed to a variation of an existing model with a hybrid powertrain.

Like several other popular hybrid models, the Ford sources claim that the new series could see several different body styles on offer, along with variations of the powertrain.

Ford: “No comment”

Ford spokesman Chris Preuss said that the company wouldn’t comment on the speculated series, but the sources close to the company are adamant that it will become a reality.

They said that some of the hybrid technology, including motors and batteries will be adapted from Ford’s existing hybrid models, with additional refinement design to provide even better fuel economy.

Not their first trip into the world of EV

Like virtually all other major manufacturers, Ford has invested heavily in hybrid technology in order to meet increasing demand for high fuel economy.

The company has already found success, with the plug-in version of the C-Max name the fastest-selling hybrid in the US in 2012.

Also, in January of this year, the carmaker unveiled a concept hybrid version of the C-Max, with the batteries powered by solar energy.

Named the C-Max Solar Energi Concept, the model was unveiled at the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas.

The solar panel on the concept features special lenses designed to concentrate the sunlight and follow the sun’s movement throughout the day, directing light straight into the solar cells.

Ford said that a day’s worth of sunlight can produce the same performance from the Solar Energi Concept as from a conventional plug-in hybrid, drawing power equal to a four-hour battery charge.

The solar car has an estimated travel range of 620 miles and can travel up to 21 miles solely on electric power.

However, the solar model is only a concept and the new Ford hybrid series, if it sees production, is still several years off.

Hybrid car still a future prospect

Regardless, Ford’s current C-Max model is available to buy now with the award-winning EcoBoost engine.

The diminutive but ultra-efficient little engine gives the C-Max a combined fuel economy of 55.4mpg, with only 117g/km of CO2 emitted.

Prices for the C-Max EcoBoost begin from £18,150.