‘Stealth’ cameras introduced to target motorway drivers

Speed cameras that specifically target drivers who exceed the 70mph limit have been introduced for the first time on certain stretches of the motorway.

Reports claim that the move could result in the rolling out of blanket enforcement across the whole motorway network, meaning that any driver caught breaking the national limit would receive a fixed penalty notice.

Spearheaded by Avon and Somerset police, the force began cracking down on drivers late in June after proposals in February, using cameras mounted over stretches of motorway on the M4 and M5.

Within a fortnight, the constabulary reported that 549 drivers caught driving over the limit were issued with either fixed penalty notices or court summons.

Up until now, motorway cameras had been used almost exclusively on parts undergoing roadworks or where the limit had been reduced to 60mph below.

However, the new move will punish any driver caught exceeding the speed limit, which is defined as 10 per cent, plus 2mph above the limit: a maximum of 79mph.

70mph is the most commonly broken speed limit

According to police data, more drivers have been caught by the cameras while enforcing the 70mph limit than at any other speed where limits have been restricted.

Police say that the decision to bring in the cameras has come as a result of the recent increase in deaths on British motorways, which rose 14 per cent in the last year to a total of 100.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Ian Smith, who leads the constabulary’s speed enforcement department, said: “We have looked into the value of speed cameras and come to the conclusion that they encourage most drivers to comply with the national speed limits.

“It makes total sense from a road safety point of view to enforce the speed limits on this managed section, whatever limits are in force at the time.”

Across the country, other police forces are also preparing to debut a new generation of speed camera. Named the Hadecs3, they are mounted discreetly on poles by the roadside and painted grey, making them more difficult to spot.

Having already been installed at junctions 5 and 7 on the M25, the cameras are being tested by Kent police before being put into used to enforce the speed limit.

Like others, the new cameras will allow for the 10 per cent plus 2mph margin and will flash at cars travelling over 79mph, however whether or not offenders are punished will be subject to police discretion.

Driving aids to help keep your speed down are becoming more popular

Some manufacturers have developed technology in order to combat this and to help drivers stay within the confines of the law while driving.

Ford’s SYNC technology can display warnings to the driver for going over the speed limit, while certain models also come with the MyKey function to set a restriction on the top speed.

For further information on such technologies, contact your local Perrys dealership.