‘Green Light’ for Kia charity expansion

Kia has announced the company is to expand its ongoing social responsibility program, the Green Light Project.

The project is a global charity program that was started by the carmaker in 2012 and which strives to improve health and education for disadvantaged children across the world.

Aiming to help them “turn their lives around from ‘red light’ to ‘green light’”, the program is currently working on projects in three countries, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi.

Kia’s announcement to expand the program was made during celebrations for the opening of a new Green Light School in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

Huge ceremony to celebrate the opening

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 1,000 local residents and dignitaries, including Kia executive Chang-Muk Choi, head of the corporate social responsibility management team.

He said: “The global Green Light Project which has helped to create the new school we are opening in Malawi today, adopts all of Kia’s corporate social responsibility values.

“Here in this poorer district of Lilongwe, the majority of the residents receive little medical care and secondary school enrolment rate is under 30 per cent.”

As well as Kia’s construction of the school and the donation of Kia vehicles, the carmaker has also funded the building of various other schools throughout the region, along with several health clinics.

The company has said that investment in the Green Light Project is due to continue until 2018. Mr Choi added: “Kia views people around the world as ‘one family’ and the program aims to provide local communities with the means to ensure that young people can achieve independence and build better lives in future.

“Looking forward, Kia is planning to expand the Green Light Project to other countries and regions through the cooperation of its global network.”

Positive view of the Kia brand

Back in June, the 2014 KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey found that Kia was one of the most positively-viewed carmakers, with two-thirds of industry leaders agreeing.

The same survey also predicted that Kia would be the most likely brand to increase its market share within the coming five years.

Following a six year period of growth, Kia have sprouted up as one of the fastest growing car brands in Europe, with a record 2.83 million cars sold last year.

Just last week, the company released the first official images of their new Sorento SUV which boasts a more striking appearance, along with more interior space for passengers.

Full details have yet to be released, but it’s expected that the model will go on sale early next year.