New XE to be the most fuel-efficient Jag yet

Jaguar has released the second technology preview for its new XE sports saloon.

Following their first announcement  earlier this month, where Jaguar released the technical specs for the XE, the latest preview details the fuel efficiency of the new model.

Ingenium engine range

According to the carmaker, the new XE model will be the most fuel-efficient Jaguar model ever made, thanks to its lightweight aluminium body and new Ingenium engine range.

The XE is the only car in its class to use an aluminium-intensive body, with the lightweight metal accounting for around 75 per cent of car’s structure.

Jaguar have said that the result of this will make the XE the best driver’s car in the segment, and early predictions claim that the XE will have a combined cycle of over 75mph and emit less than 100g/km of CO2.

Dr Mark White, Jaguar’s chief technical specialist, said: “The Jaguar XE body uses over 75 per cent aluminium content, which far exceeds any other car in its class.

“This gives us a body structure with unrivalled low weight, it’s light but also immensely strong with extremely high levels of torsional stiffness.

“We’ve made sure our aluminium-intensive body structure exceeds all global safety standards without compromising on vehicle design or refinement.”

The lightweight construction used in the XE is a core element of Jaguar’s history. As well as the XE, the XJ, XK and F-Type have all also been developed with the aerospace-inspired stiff bonded aluminium structure.

As well as its exterior, the Jaguar XE will be fitted with a wide range of high-tech interior inclusions. A newly developed traction control system, All Surface Progress Control, which functions like a low-speed cruise control, will come with the new model.

Electric Power Assisted Steering

It’ll also feature front suspension based on the high-performance F-Type model, and Jaguar’s latest Electric Power Assisted Steering.

Jaguar’s chief engineer of vehicle integrity, Mike Cross, commented: “Jaguars have always been renowned for a balance of precise handling and a high-quality ride. The XE is the culmination of everything the company has learned over the years.”

The new Jaguar XE will make its debut in London this September, and is predicted to go on sale in the second quarter of next year.