Learn to drive in a Ferrari? This week on Facebook

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Monday 21st July – Learn to drive in a Ferrari?

We’re still not even sure how this works – part of us still hopes that someone put an ‘L’ plate on the back of this supercar without the driver knowing! This Ferrari was spotted driving around with its learner badge on, making this the luckiest learner driver in the UK.

Everyone on our Facebook page shared their experiences of learning to drive and a lot of them started to show their age. Dave told us about the 1982 Vauxhall Astra that he was taught to drive in (we’ve done the maths Dave, but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone). Kieran learnt to drive in a Corsa VXR, a car definitely quick enough to make your instructor hold on tight! You can click here to find out what everyone said!

What car did you learn to drive in? Let us know in the comments below!

Thursday 24th July – Andy and Helen’s two new Jaguars

It’s that time of the week where we like to test your car knowledge. In the past we’ve blurred out cars, silhouetted them and even pixelated them – we’re running out of ways to distort cars for you to guess!!

Luckily Andy and Helen were picking up their 6th and 7th new Jaguars this week from Perrys Huddersfield! We managed to snap a quick photo of them posing with their new cars under sheets.

They were so excited they were even counting down the hours…

Keep an eye on Facebook and you can see if you correctly guessed their new cars!

Monday 21st July – Wayne Rooney’s Ford StreetKA

You might know him as England and Manchester United footballing legend who earns £300k a week but did you know that Wayne Rooney’s first car was a very humble Ford StreetKA.

For a footballer who’s known to be driving Bentleys and Range Rovers, it’s great to see him in this mid-2000s classic! It was also super cheap to insure – something Wayne probably doesn’t have to worry about these days…

To read more about Rooney’s little Ford and see some more great celebrity cars (including Clint Eastwood in a Fiat 500) you can click here!

Sunday 20th July – Kia GT4 Stinger

Huge congratulations to Kia – they’re amazing new GT4 Stinger concept bagged them the International Design Excellence Award! We think it’s massively deserved as well.

The most exciting thing about the Stinger has to be the rumours that it will actually cost less than £30k! Not bad for a car that has a blisteringly quick 315bhp 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine. At least, that’s what our fans on the Perrys Facebook page thought!

Take a look at the back end, not too shabby! We might even prefer it to the front!