Renault to help adventurer tackle world’s biggest cliff

Renault are backing celebrity adventurer Steve Backshall to tackle the biggest cliff on Earth this summer.

Mount Thor

Steve has announced that he is to take on Mount Thor in the Arctic Circle, a 1,250 metre sheer rock face, which he’s describing as his “greatest ever challenge”.

In addition to being a famous explorer, Backshall is also a well-known children’s author and an official ambassador for the Renault Captur crossover.

He said: “Mount Thor is the world’s biggest cliff, quite simply the greatest vertical drop on the planet. It’s a staggering peak, made up of overhanging, terrifying granite and nearly four times higher than the Empire State Building.

“I will need to draw on all my strength and fitness, inner motivation, resilience and experience, but with the fantastic team at Renault and all my supporters behind me, I am absolutely determined I can conquer my nemesis Thor.”

The feat comes six years after Steve suffered a crippling four-story fall in Wales. A total of 12 operations after breaking his back in two places and smashing his left ankle to a pulp, Steve is now back to take on his greatest challenge yet.

Steve was also one of the first people to drive the new Renault Captur when the crossover landed on British shores last year.

The award-winning model has gathered a range of accolades for its practicality and enjoyable ride, and its toughness also makes it the perfect choice for adventurers like Steve.

Although it might be partly based on rough-and-tough 4x4s, however, the Captur is not all about hardcore off-roading and is instead very family focused with two-wheel drive.

89bhp 1.5-litre diesel engine

It’s powered by either an 89bhp 1.5-litre diesel engine or two petrol options, a three-cylinder 89bhp version or a four-cylinder 119bhp variant, each of which have an average 0-62 of just under 10 seconds.

Inside, the Captur features a pleasant layout with a light and airy cabin and a raised seating position that offers excellent visibility as well as an admirable amount of room in the back for passengers and a boot that’ll swallow even the largest adventuring equipment stashes.

The storage area also features a handy floor divider that fits horizontally across the back and makes it much easier to slide large and heavy items in and out of the car without having to drag them out from the bottom of the boot.

Steve’s adventure to Mount Thor began last week and is due to take over six weeks to complete. Meanwhile, if you fancy taking home a slice of the adventure, prices for the Renault Captur crossover start from £14,495.