Renault sales boom in past six months

Renault have reported that their sales in the UK this year so far has exceeded the total of sales in 2012.

The sales volume milestone is also more than three months ahead of the same point last year, showing a dramatic and continued upward swing for the Renault Group.

In addition, sales across the Renault Group, which also takes into account sales of the Dacia brand, has outstripped overall market growth and increased for the past 14 months consecutively.

This makes Renault the fastest growing share in the car market this year so far, increasing by 0.8 per cent, while Dacia closely follows in second place, with an increase of 0.4 per cent.

Not just Renault, Dacia too

Market share for the Dacia brand is up an unprecedented 86 per cent over last year, thanks largely to the rising success of the popular Sandero, Duster and Logan models. Renault cars and models, meanwhile, are up an impressive 61 per cent, with the new Twingo and Trafic predicted to further boost sales.

Sales director for Renault UK, Darren Payne, said: “These figures reflect the considered effort, care and attention that Renault UK and our dealer network have put into achieving such rapid growth in the UK.

“This journey is by no means over, however, and we aim to continue on this momentum by offering a comprehensive range of vehicles people want to drive, combined with excellent value and customer service.”

The current UK market share for Renault cars stands at 2.5 per cent for the year to date, while Renault vans continue their long history of European market leadership with a 5.8 share. Dacia, meanwhile, has reached a 1.0 per cent share despite being a relative newcomer.

Fastest growing car brand in Europe

Dacia is also currently the fastest-growing car Brand in Europe and had the most successful UK retail car launch in history.

Payne said: “Dacia has been a revelation since arriving in the UK in 2013, and its success story I’m sure has many more chapters. Today is a great day for the Renault Group, and another step closer to achieving our ambitions in the UK market.”