Chevrolet introduces interactive ’60 Years of Corvette’ feature

Chevrolet has released an interactive timeline feature on their UK website to celebrate six decades of the famous Corvette.

First released in 1953, the Corvette went from humble beginnings to being one of the most recognisable and successful American sports car in the world.

The timeline allows users to scroll through each of the seven generations of Corvette and learn about the history of each iteration.

Other interactive features include historical facts and roll-overs that will please trivia fanatics and diehard Corvette fans alike, as well as a neat feature that plays the engine roar of each when clicked.

Fully interactive and customisable features

Users are also able to customise each Corvette’s colour, choice of wheels and tyres and also accessorise each with items including wings and fuzzy dice, with enough bells and whistles to keep visitors entertained.

Chevrolet’s latest Corvette model, the Z06 Convertible, made its public debut earlier this year at the New York Auto Show in April.

The new convertible version of the standard Corvette Z06 shares the same powertrain and aerodynamics as the hardtop coupe version, along with a rear spoiler and a carbon fibre front splitter.

A monstrous 6.2-litre V8 petrol engine lurks under the carbon fibre bonnet, which is married to either a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The folding fabric roof, which includes a glass rear window, is available in four colour choices and can be folded with the car’s key fob while being driven at up to 30mph.

Not long until the British release

Set for a global launch later in the year, the coupe version of the Z06 range is due to arrive on British shores later in the year before the convertible version lands in mid-2015.

The first Z06 has already been sold at auction in Florida, where it fetched a price equivalent to over £500,000.

Luckily, however, although British prices for the 650bhp Z06 haven’t been released yet, it’s expected that the regular production model will cost under £60,000 when it officially goes on sale.