Renault gears up for Goodwood appearance

Renault are getting ready for their stand at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed with a wide array of competition and concept cars.

The French company has a history of involvement with the festival, having made appearances for six years running from 2001 and 2006, before taking a five-year break and returning in 2012.

Featured at this year’s stand will be no less than four concept cars, three production models as well as two standard electric models and the all-electric Spark-Renault Formula E racing car.

Renault’s Twin’Run

Renault’s Twin’Run, which made its public debut in Monaco last year, will be on display alongside its successor, the all-new Twingo.

The innovative Twingo is due to be launched in the UK in September and is to be the first rear-engined car that Renault have produced in years. This design feature, coupled with five doors and enlarged cabin, will make it one of the most spacious city cars available.

As well as this, the new car will come with a choice of two three-cylinder engines, a 69bhp version and a turbocharged 88bhp variant, and it’s also the only city car to date with a choice of multimedia systems.

The R & Go radio option includes a system with a built-in smartphone mount that keeps the phone close to eye level, as well as downloadable apps to turn your phone into a navigation system. The R-Link multimedia system, meanwhile, features a display with zooming and scrolling capability and DAB digital radio.

Captur crossover concept

Renault will also debut a new Captur crossover concept, with a revised body design and convertible top. The concept will be powered by a 1.6-litre 157bhp twin-turbo concept engine, and will also appear alongside the latest 2014 iteration of the production Captur.

Another concept due to appear at the festival is the Frendzy, designed as a commercial business vehicle that doubles up as a family car and is cleverly conceived to meet the needs of both.

It features asymmetric bodywork, the 37-inch screen of a Blackberry PlayBook mounted on its sliding rear door and a fabric roof that can stretch to accommodate bulky objects, as well as a slate board in the rear for children to sketch on and a slide-out touchscreen mounted under the driver’s seat for rear seat movie-viewing.

Other concepts include the R-Space MPV, which aims to combine the conflicting qualities of functionality, sportiness and family practicality, and the DeZir sports coupe.

In addition to the Captur, Renault will also have a variety of production cars on display, including the latest version of the ever-popular Clio, now available with a new dual clutch transmission option and 1.5-litre dCi diesel or 1.2-litre TCe petrol engine options.

The all-electric ZOE, which recently dominated at the Monte Carlo eco-rally, will also feature at the Renault stand, alongside the Spark-Renault Formula E, the first electric car approved by the FIA.

Built to push the boundaries of what electric cars can do, the Formula E SRT is the result of a collaboration between Renault, Spark Racing Technologies and McLaren, among other companies. The all-electric motor puts out 265bhp and is capable of speeds of up to 150mph.

As well as this, Renault will also roll out a wide variety of race and rally cars to tackle the Goodwood hill, including a 1902 Renault Type K, a 1978 Alpine LeMans car and the new 2014 Megane Renaultsport Trophy-R.

The 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed is due to take place from this Friday to Sunday at the Goodwood Motor Circuit at Goodwood House in West Sussex.