New Mazda2 to feature ultra-efficient diesel

Early specification details have been published on the brand new 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D diesel engine which will feature for the next-generation Mazda2.

Mazda first gave its new diesel engine its public debut back in March at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. Here the engine featured inside the HAZUMI concept car, which previews the design of the next-generation Mazda2.

First car with 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D diesel

The new Mazda2 will reportedly go on sale in early 2015 and it will be the first car sold with the new 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D diesel unit. It’s confirmed that it will produce 104bhp but performance and efficiency figures in the new Mazda2 remain unknown for now.

Aims for Class-leading fuel economy

With this new engine, however, Mazda is aiming to achieve class-leading fuel economy figures, which will potentially make the new Mazda2 the most fuel efficient non-hybrid car on sale.

To achieve new ground-breaking figures for efficiency, the new 1.5-litre diesel engine is supported with Mazda’s full line-up of its latest SKYACTIV driving technology.

Highlights include the six-speed SKYACTIVE-Drive automatic gearbox and SKYACTIV-MT manual transmissions, and fuel-saving stop-start engine technology. The diesel is also supported with Mazda’s i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration systems.

Mazda expects its new 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D engine should prove popular in markets worldwide, particularly across Europe. The Japanese manufacturer also believes the new Mazda2 will follow in the footsteps of existing SKYACTIV-supported cars, among other things in terms of outstanding real-world fuel consumption and Mazda’s characteristic driving fun.

At some point in the future the new SKYACTIV-D diesel engine is anticipated to also join the latest Mazda3 range.

The Mazda3, priced from £16,695, is currently available with just one diesel engine which is much larger than the new unit debuting with the next Mazda2. It is a 2.2-litre unit producing 148bhp and it returns a CO2 emissions output from just 104g/km in the Mazda3 fastback.

The 2.2-litre SKYACTIV diesel is also available on other current Mazda models including the CX-5 crossover and the Mazda6 family car range. For these other two models this engine can be specified with an increased power output of 173bhp. This more powerful version of the 2.2-litre unit returns CO2 emissions from 119g/km in the Mazda6 saloon.

Prior to its arrival in the Mazda3, the new 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D diesel engine could appear in Europe again at the 2014 Paris Motor Show this September. Online rumours suggest that during this event the production version of the new Mazda2 could appear to the public for the first time.