Land Rover Freelander to help protect tigers

Land Rover has delivered a new Freelander SUV to the Satpuda Foundation in India, a partner organisation of the Born Free Foundation, to help protect local tiger reserves.

The newly delivered Freelander will become a vital asset in the field and represent a highly visible ambassador for both the Satpuda and Born Free Foundations. The Land Rover  will be used a lot in the Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme area, which is the largest viable block of tiger habitat in India.

The Land Rover Freelander, currently priced from £23,710, is available with a 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine offering two outputs and connected to either a two-wheel or four-wheel drive powertrain. Particularly with the four-wheel drive powertrain, the Freelander boasts a high standard in off-road driving qualities, something the whole Land Rover range is famous for.

Land Rover works with Satpuda and Born Free  Foundation

These qualities should help Satpuda Foundation’s continuing efforts to protect tigers, which have become a highly endangered species due to poaching and loss of their natural habitat. With the number of Tigers plummeting to just 3,500 worldwide, there are dedicated teams at Satpuda working to ensure their future. The newly-delivered Land Rover Freelander is now an important part of that network.

The Brand Experience Director at Jaguar Land Rover, Mark Cameron, commented: “Land Rover’s on-going partnership with the Born Free Foundation has already helped support some of the Foundation’s most important projects in the UK, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

“With this addition of the Land Rover Freelander to the Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme, I believe together we will now make a real contribution to the conservation of the endangered Tiger in India.”

Cameron added: “The Land Rover Freelander’s all-terrain capability will enable conservation workers to reach areas which would otherwise be inaccessible and ultimately protect the tigers throughout the Satpuda Landscape.”

Nearly Seven Decades of support for Born Free

The President of the Born Free Foundation, Will Travers OBE, said: “In one form or another Land Rover has been part of Born Free’s DNA for nearly seven decades, all the way back to the days when George and Joy Adamson used a Land Rover to help return Elsa the lioness to freedom, a story that inspired Born Free the book, and the film.

“Today the link is even stronger with Born Free-branded Land Rovers already deployed in wildlife hotspots in South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

“Now India will benefit from this strategic alliance and I am delighted that a brand new Freelander will be assisting in our efforts to protect wild tigers as part of our Satpuda Tiger Landscape Project, as well as help prevent their continued devastation at the hand of poachers.”