Citroen reach Teletrac milestone

A Citroen Berlingo has become the 100,000th light commercial vehicle produced by the company to be fitted with Teletrac technology.

The Teletrac telematics package, which was specially developed by the Teletrac company for Citroen’s LCV range, is a unique efficiency-boosting telematics platform that comes fitted to all new Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans as standard.

Smartnav satellite navigation is included in the package, as well as Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking technology. Additionally, it also provides the telematics platform for Teletrac’s optional, low cost, Fleet Director software, which offers real-time fleet management and GPS tracking services.

Jeremy Smith, Citroen’s Head of Commercial Vehicles & Business Sector Operations, said: “The milestone 100,000th fitting of the unique Citroën Teletrac telematics package highlights the popularity of this system. It provides our LCV customers with an unrivalled range of operational, financial, safety and security benefits. This system complements the advanced engineering in all Citroën LCVs, further reducing operating costs, improving productivity and reducing driver stress levels.”

The Teletrac Smartnav package not only provides navigation details, but works out alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion by using live traffic information from a network of roadside cameras. According to the company, the package can save the equivalent of roughly up to 20,000 working days per year due to congestion avoidance and that significant reductions in CO2 emissions and running costs are also made through more efficient routing.

Reduce driver stress

Citroen also claim that the package can reduce driver stress levels by up to a third, with an associated reduction in risk and improved safety. They also say that the Trackstar stolen vehicle recovery system results in a recovery rate of close to 100 per cent for stolen Citroen LCVs, the majority of which are recovered within an hour.

When a vehicle is confirmed as stolen, the Trackstar system informs the police of the van’s location, even if it’s still moving, allowing quick recovery. To date, Citroen is the only manufacturer in the UK to offer LCVs fitted with stolen vehicle tracking as standard.

Emergency call system

In addition, the Teletrac also features an emergency call system that offers instant communication with Teletrac’s control centre and provides precise vehicle location. The system also automatically logs an emergency call in the event of a serious accident.

The latest Teletrac system fitted to Citroën LCVs also includes a bigger, higher resolution 5-inch colour screen. This provides greater clarity for the Smartnav map display and the system’s many functions highlighted across the bottom of the screen.

Prices for the vehicles start at £13,165 for the Berlingo, £16,570 for the Dispatch and £19,405 for the new Relay van.