Renault KWID crossover set to reach production

A new concept crossover SUV model from Renault, inspired by the manufacturer’s futuristic KWID concept, will reportedly reach production. This new model is expected to reach production by 2016.

Back in February this year, Renault revealed its intriguing KWID concept to the public during the Delhi Auto Expo.

Renault has been enjoying recent success in the compact crossover market, thanks to last year’s launch of the Renault Captur. The Captur is based on the same platform as the popular Renault Clio supermini.

Renault KWID concept car reveal

With the reveal of its KWID concept earlier this year, Renault hinted at the possibility of launching a new addition to the crossover segment even more compact compared to the Captur. Now recent reports across the web suggest that Renault now wish to go ahead with such a plan.

Renault is expected to keep the name KWID for the production version of its new crossover. This seems likely especially when considering the fact that the Renault Captur production and concept models shared the same name.

The styling of the production-ready KWID will also reportedly be toned down compared to its concept. However, some of the more interesting design highlights seen on the concept could very likely be passed over. Some custom personalisation options could also be made available on the production KWID model.

KWID design features

The Renault KWID concept has a lot of eye-catching design features such as the protruding wheel arches, scissor doors and the chunky protective lower bodywork.

Inside the unique interior design was, according to Renault, inspired by a bird’s nest. Despite its compact measurements, the KWID concept can seat up to six passengers, with the driver taking a front-central position behind the wheel.

While it’s unconfirmed whether the production KWID will be able to seat as many as six people, the tall ride height and other features should help the car stand-out in the growing crossover sector. Equipment available for the KWID is likely to include climate control and an integrated touchscreen for operating various media functions.

Engine options for the production-ready KWID will reportedly include the same units to be offered with the new upcoming Renault Twingo city car. Expect therefore for the KWID to offer a 0.9-litre turbocharged petrol unit, producing outputs of either 69bhp or 89bhp. These units should deliver cheap running costs by keeping CO2 emissions levels low, potentially even under 100g/km.

A 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine, which features in the KWID concept, could also be made available for the production range.

Pricing for the production-ready Renault KWID will reportedly range between £11,500 and £13,000, therefore undercutting the Captur.