Dacia Sandero wins Honest John hatchback award

The Dacia Sandero has impressively achieved success at the 2014 Honestjohn.co.uk Awards, winning the Small Hatchback of the Year category.

About the Honest John Awards

The annual Honestjohn.co.uk Awards are unique in that the winners are not decided by a panel of judges or even an audience vote. Instead the awards are determined by which vehicles were searched for the most by visitors to the Honest John website.

Statistics from the last 12 months (April 2013-April 2014) are used to determine what cars are most popular in the 14 main award categories.

That means that when it came to the small hatchback segment, the Dacia Sandero has been more popular for searches then even established names like the Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa.

The editor of Honestjohn.co.uk, Dan Harrison, commented: “Dacia has made a big splash in the UK with its affordable model range and our users have shown what an appetite there is for low priced yet good quality cars.

“Its ‘function over frivolity’ image has huge appeal at a time when car buyers are looking to keep running costs down. The fact that the Sandero has proved more popular on the site than many established hatchbacks is a mighty impressive feat.”

Dacia in top 5 car manufacturers

This latest achievement for the Dacia Sandero, currently the cheapest new car in the UK, follows an encouraging result for the Dacia brand in the Auto Express 2014 Driver Power Survey. Making its debut in this large-scale motoring survey, the Renault-owned Dacia brand went straight into the top five car manufacturers for owner satisfaction.

The Brand Manager for Dacia, Andy Heiron, commented: “This latest award is another massive coup for us, and one we are particularly proud of as it is the knowledgeable honestjohn.co.uk users themselves who pick the winners.

“The Dacia brand has a global reputation for affordable, high quality products, with impressive reliability. With independent recognition like this and an ever expanding fan base, thanks to sites like Honest John, our sales can only keep rising.”

Currently priced from just £5,995, the Dacia Sandero five-door supermini boasts incredible value, delivering a spacious interior which few rivals can match. The boot offers 320 litres minimum and the maximum load can be increased to 1,200 litres with the rear seats folded.

There are three trim levels in total for the Sandero, starting with ‘Access’ and followed with ‘Ambiance’ and then ‘Laureate’.

Depending on the chosen trim level numerous luxury features are available including leather upholstery, parking sensors and an infotainment system with touchscreen technology.