Five year product plan for Fiat and Alfa Romeo revealed

The Italian car giant Fiat has outlined its new product strategy for the next five years. This includes not just future cars for the Fiat brand but other brands owned by Fiat – such as Alfa Romeo.

Fiat is set to add a collection of new models for the European market during 2015, including a family hatchback, a saloon and a family estate car.

New Fiat Estate

The estate model is rumoured to be a larger version of the current Fiat Panda which will arrive in 2017, and it could potentially rival the Nissan Qashqai crossover. An all-new generation Fiat Panda is expected to follow and will go on sale by 2018.

New Fiat Hatchback

The new Fiat hatchback meanwhile is widely believed to be the new 500X which is currently in development. It’s anticipated that this new variant of the 500 will replace the Fiat Bravo which currently sits in the company’s line-up.

New Fiat 500X

The new Fiat 500X is a compact crossover which, like the 500L MPV, is larger than the standard 500 city car. However, the 500X will have a more rugged, muscular appearance than the 500L and it will closer rival mini-SUV models like the Nissan Juke for example.

Another interesting part of Fiat’s strategy revealed this week is the announcement of a ‘speciality’ model in late 2015.

Fiat has been working together with Mazda during the Japanese manufacturer’s development of its next-generation MX-5 sports car. It was previously believed that alongside the new MX-5, a near-identical variant called the Alfa Romeo Spider would be launched alongside it.

It is now being reported across several publications that instead this new sports car will bear either the Fiat badge or will be named under Fiat’s performance sub-brand, called Abarth.

Future plans for Alfa Romeo

Although plans for a new Alfa Romeo Spider now appear to be shelved, there are still big and exciting plans for this particular car brand.

As many as eight new Alfa Romeo cars are planned to be launched by 2018 and each will use either a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive powertrain. The new models are expected to include a replacement for the Giulietta hatchback, two new saloons, two crossover SUVs and a performance car to spearhead Alfa’s ‘Cloverleaf’ signature.

The crossover models will represent the first ever production SUV cars ever launched for the Alfa Romeo brand. The new Cloverleaf model meanwhile is reportedly a performance-enhanced version of the 4C sports car.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The first of these new Alfa Romeo models will be a BMW 3 Series-rivalling compact saloon called the Giulia. It will reportedly arrive to showrooms during the second half of 2015.