More Renault Trafic details revealed

The new Trafic range boasts a new modern design as well more room for cargo, more economical engines and extra driver aids.

Renault’s new Trafic shares the same platforms and many components with another upcoming van range, the 2014 Vivaro.

In keeping with Renault’s current styling identity used for their cars, the large, vertically-positioned Renault logo sits at the centre over a contrasting black trim strip which tops the grille.

The new Renault Trafic range will consist of a few different bodystyle specifications including standard panel van, Crew Van, Platform Cab and Passenger Van. The van will also be available in a choice of 10 different body colours, two of which are all-new to the Renault.

These new colours are called Bamboo Green and Copper. The colour range includes four non-metallic finishes and six metallic finishes in total.

There are two lengths and two height specifications to choose for the Trafic as well. Regardless of the length and height chosen the new van is 217mm longer than the previous Trafic. As a result, it has increased the loading capacity by 200 litres or 300 litres depending on the exact specification picked.

As well as offering a bigger cargo area, the cabin of the Trafic has 14 stowage spaces to deliver a combined stowage capacity of 90 litres.

Engine options for the all-new Trafic include two turbocharged diesel units both offering two separate outputs.

There’s a single turbo 1.6-litre dCi unit which can produce either 89bhp or 113bhp. Alternatively there’s a twin-turbocharged 1.6-litre dCi engine offering bigger outputs of either 118bhp or 138bhp. Both diesel engines benefit from stop-start engine technology which saves on both fuel and CO2 emissions.

Renault reports that the single turbo 1.6-litre diesel can return a combined fuel economy of 43.5mpg. The twin-turbo diesel can return a combined fuel economy of 49.6mpg in Passenger specification or 47.1mpg for light commercial vehicle versions.

The Trafic is also available with four new driver aids including a reversing camera, an extra wide-view mirror in the passenger-side sun visor and Hill Start Assist. There’s also a feature called Grip Xtend for more front wheel grip in trickier conditions.

The new Renault Trafic is also available with different types of keys including a hands-free card. This enables the engine to be started or switched off by simply pressing on the ‘Start’ button. It also allows the doors to be opened and locked without having to use a key by pressing a button located on the driver’s door, passenger door or rear door handle.

Pricing for the new Renault Trafic range will be confirmed closer to launch.