Jaguar’s British Villains advert makes UK debut

Ford Fiesta ST.

The advert stars not just the new F-TYPE Coupe sports car but also Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston.

Jaguar’s stylish advert was first shown on TV screens over in America during January’s football Super Bowl. The video has also been available on the Jaguar USA YouTube account since prior the Super Bowl.

Since then Jaguar has screened its Rendezvous advert to a select audience during the F-TYPE Coupe’s official UK launch event back in March.

Now Jaguar’s new advert has appeared to Britain’s TV audience. It was screened yesterday during the half-time break of the UEFA Champions League football match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich. It’s reported that more than 2.2 million viewers saw Jaguar’s advertisement during this coveted spot.

The advert will continue to run in a mixture of one minute and 30-second executions throughout April and May on networks including ITV, Channel 4 and Sky Atlantic.

Furthermore a special two-minute version of the advert will be shown in a selection of picture houses and cinemas during April and May.

To support the UK launch of its new advert, Jaguar will also run a wide range of digital advertising to support this launch, across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

[YouTube:2Bls1KKDwmo:Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains ‘Rendezvous’]

Bespoke online advertising assets and Jaguar’s UK website will host an interactive ‘Lockmaster Challenge’ game. It will allow users to compete with one another and potentially win an opportunity to partake in an F-TYPE Coupe driving challenge.

In Jaguar’s new ad the star-studded trio rendezvous through helicopter or by car while they ponder why seemingly all movie villains are played by British people.

All of the three actors in this advert have gained recognition for playing numerous villainous roles in their careers.

The advert concludes with Sir Ben Kingsley quoting the name of Jaguar’s latest campaign saying: “It’s good to be bad".

While the actors are no doubt an attraction, the biggest star of Jaguar’s new advert is the F-TYPE Coupe.

The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe, priced from £51,250, is available to order now in the UK.

The Marketing Director for Jaguar UK, Ken Forbes, commented: “The new F-TYPE Coupe is the most exciting sports car Jaguar has ever produced, so this advertisement and supporting campaign had to be equally engaging.

“The ‘British Villains’ theme has already proved extremely popular, with more than 12 million views for ‘Rendezvous’ recorded online. I am delighted that during April and May, the best in British film talent will be seen on screens across Great Britain as part of this innovative Jaguar campaign."