Ford creates suit to simulate drunk driving

The ‘drunk suit’ comprises of a pair of goggles, ear-muffs and various restrictive paddings around the neck, knees and ankles. With these items various effects of being drunk are replicated – including distortion to your distance perception and peripheral vision and reduced hearing.

Uneven weights are also applied to the wrists and ankles to simulate the distorted balance and reduced reaction times people suffer when they are drunk.

In the video below a young driver is seen attempting to drive a Fiesta on a basic course made using traffic cones and park into a particular space, while wearing Ford’s ‘drunk suit’.

[YouTube:6D4pj0ncDFE:Under the influence – the suit that makes you feel drunk]

The suit was invented by Ford’s Driving Skills for Life, an international programme which can provide free driver training to drivers aged 18 to 24. The programme aims to teach young drivers certain skills which they won’t necessarily learn in normal driving lessons.

Ford announced it’s Driving Skills for Life programme back during the summer of last year. The manufacturer has committed more than £1.2 million towards hands-on training for 5,000 novice drivers in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

In Ford’s new video it’s revealed that half of 17-24 year old in Britain say they or their friends have driven drunk. Even worse, two out of three don’t even know what the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is.

With its new ‘drunk suit’, Ford can help younger drivers understand their own personal driving capabilities and limits, before an avoidable accident happens in the future.

Ford has been pushing towards giving younger drivers extra protection on the road through car technology as well. Now on certain models such as the Fiesta, safety gadgets including MyKey are available with the aim to complete this very goal.

With MyKey onboard parents will be able to set a limit to the top speed of the car and restrict the audio volume for other drivers.

Audio sources are even muted until the seatbelts are fastened. Seatbelt reminders are standard inside the new Fiesta and with MyKey settings onboard it can be applied so that this reminder can’t be disabled.

MyKey can also prevent certain other safety features from being switched off and have chimes programmed to play when the car exceeds speeds of 40mph or 80mph.