Why winter is a great time to buy a convertible

After all it may seem strange to get a convertible car earlier than that, during the winter period when everywhere is colder and wetter – not exactly ideal for taking the top off.

Did you know, however, that the winter months are often a good period or arguably even the best time for getting a great deal on a new or used convertible car. Here’s our guide as to why.

Past research has shown that generally UK car sales will hit two peaks during the year, in March and September. Not surprisingly these are the same two months when a change of number plates take place.

While car convertible deals are popular in the summer months, this sector of the market tends to go quite by the time of the winter period. During this season the demand for four-wheel drive cars, particularly versatile SUVs will increase substantially.

As previously reported by companies such as HPI and Tesco Cars, when demand for particular cars dips down, so do the prices. Therefore car buyers should definitely consider looking for convertibles, particularly used models, in the autumn and winter. When demand is lower a bargain offer is more likely to appear in view.

The ongoing cold weather in the autumn and winter period will lead to a much greater focus from buyers and sellers towards deals on SUVs.

While it’s understandably tempting to pick up a convertible when the sun is shining, if buyers plan ahead, they can pick up their dream convertible with a dream price tag to match it.

It may be cold and dark outside, but there’s no need to be put off running a convertible all-year round. Modern convertible cars like the Vauxhall Cascada, Mazda MX-5 or the Renault Megane Coupe-Cabriolet can offer a comfortable, warm cabin when the roof is preferred down.

Last month the Head of Consumer Services for HPI, Shane Teskey, explained: "The winter period, particularly the festive season, can deliver massive savings. It’s almost halfway between registration plate changes and most dealerships will be quiet, leading to heavy price cuts to maintain sales. "Private sellers will also mean business – if they are selling their car during midwinter, it probably means they have to, and there could be a bargain to be had."

Teskey added: "To maximise the potential savings, it’s a good idea to plan what type of car you want in advance and be clever about it – no one drives around with the roof down in the middle of winter, so now is a good time to consider buying a convertible as demand is low and in turn so are prices. Conversely, if you are looking for a 4×4 to handle snowy roads, the seller will probably be asking for top money."

While from initial thinking it might not be the most appealing time to buy a used car, winter can certainly offer some benefits when it comes to picking up a bargain. However, as with any time of the year, it pays to come armed with the information you need to prepare yourself.