Vauxhall Monza concept makes first UK visit

First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the Vauxhall Monza concept is the first car to utilise cutting-edge LED projection infotainment.

In addition, Vauxhall has said that the concept model focuses on two themes, which are "efficiency and connectivity". The company says that these two themes will be "top priorities for the 6,000-strong team of engineers, technicians and designers developing the next generation of models".

Visually, the Monza concept is very striking; the model features a beautifully shaped bonnet and boomerang-shaped air intakes – giving it the look of a wide grin.

The man behind the Monza, GME Vice President of Design Mark Adams, commented: "This concept is the beacon for our next wave of cars, a catalyst for our future design ideas. One of the key inspirations for this vehicle comes from a greyhound, believe it or not.

"You can see the powerful chest, going into this really deeply waisted area, and back into the powerful haunches. We wanted to create something that was beautiful, efficient, exciting and innovative."

Motorists behind the wheel of the concept will never have experienced anything like the Vauxhall Monza before, as they are whisked away into a new and unique world of instruments and infotainment.

The Monza features state-of-the-art LED projection technology; rather than individual, separate monitors displaying information, drivers face a wide, sculpted dashboard, sweeping from door to door, that is used as a single projection surface.

In order to create a continuous and adaptable multi-functional display, a total of 18 LED projectors were used. The Monza concept is the first car in the world to feature such a display.

Both the area displaying information and the background can be configured my individual motorists. Furthermore, drivers can operate the dashboard via voice control and steering wheel controls.

The concept also features three ‘worlds of connectivity’, named ‘ME’, ‘US’ and ‘ALL. Through the use of the three different types of connectivity, motorists can either focus solely on their driving experience, get in touch with friends and family or connect to the whole internet community.

Vauxhall’s Monza concept also comes fitted with a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) range extender. The new-generation three-cylinder 1.0-litre SIDI turbo takes over as range extender by utilising natural gas instead of petrol – thus improving the model’s CO2 footprint.