Nearly 9,000 motorists convicted for tyre neglect

This has been revealed from statistics acquired from the Ministry of Justice by TyreSafe. As this month is officially tyre safety month, the legal implications of not getting your tyres checked and maintained have been highlighted in this research.

In England and Wales a total of 8,919 motorists were successfully prosecuted for having dangerous or defective tyres in 2012, working out to the average weekly figure of 170. In total as many as 10,288 drivers found themselves in court for the offence last year.

The chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson, reacted: "These latest figures are incredibly worrying and reflect the ongoing challenge that we have in terms of raising the awareness about the importance of driving on safe and legal tyres."

He added: "Regular checks which only take a few minutes to complete should be made at least once a month, yet it’s clear from these latest figures that many drivers are simply not taking these precautions, risking not only prosecution through the courts but more importantly, their safety on the road."

Throughout this October Perrys is offering free tyre safety checks. At every Perrys Dealership you can ensure the tyres on your car are safe, legal and suitable for your vehicle. These checks are not just free, but also do not require an appointment and the check will take no longer than 30 minutes.

TyreSafe has also explained that with the winter months fast approaching, the most important thing for drivers to check is the tread depth of their car’s tyres. It is a legal requirement that tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of the tyre.

It has also been recommended that drivers inspect their tyres for their pressure levels and look out for any cuts, lumps and bulges. Any of these issues will likely comprise a driver’s safety on the road.