It's National Name Your Car Day

When it comes to names for cars, some may immediately think of famous examples from certain movies and TV shows.

Of course there’s ‘Bumblebee’ the Chevrolet Camaro from Transformers, ‘Herbie’ the Volkswagen Beetle from ‘The Love Bug’ and ‘KITT’ from Knight Rider to name just a few.

Outside the media, however, many motorists here in Britain give the car they own a name to remember it by. This can give a car you own a more personal and caring touch.

The names often chosen for cars by owners often reflect either what kind of car it is or maybe just the colour of it.

So a sports car or muscular-looking vehicle for instance will more likely be given a strong, empowering name. A smaller car or one finished in a distinct and rarely seen paint job will more likely fit a name which reflects its nippy or quirky nature.

National Name Your Car Day is a nice way for motorists to add more fun to the cars they use every day. That’s the case no matter how cheesy or cringe-worthy the name you think of might be!

If you have a name for your car then feel free to share it with us on the Perrys Facebook page or our Twitter account.