Funniest number plates in the UK

Now we are in September attention turns once again to car licence plates, with new cars getting ready to switch to the ‘63’ plate.

You can learn more about this change with our recent guide to the ‘63’ number plate.

In 2012 the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) raised £67 million from the sale of personalised number plates. These types of plates allow motorists an extra element of customisation for their car.

With greater flexibility on the choice of letters and numbers, personal number plates allows for more personalisation. Notable examples of this include Lord Alan Sugar, who simply has ‘AMS 1’ on his car. Also when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge drove away from their wedding back in 2011, their Aston Martin convertible adorned a custom number plate reading ‘JU5T WED’.

While some motorists are prepared to pay hundreds or even thousands of pounds for a custom licence plate, not all are sensible. Over the years in fact there have been some rather creative and amusing ideas for custom number plates seen on the streets and in the press.

So we’d thought we take a look at some of the funniest car number plates seen here in the UK.

One great example from early last year has to be the food-themed ‘CH11 PPY’ plate which became highly sought after. This particularly number plate was among 1,500 plates sold in a DVLA Personal Registrations auction held back in February 2012.

The ‘CH11 PPY’ plate carried a price tag of £1,500 at the auction. It was sold along other light-hearted registrations including ‘APE 80Y’, ‘FUN 80B’ and ‘YOU 105T’.

The year before a motorist got their hands on the ‘CH11 PPY’ plate, the DVLA auctioned another set of plates including one titled ‘DE11 BOY’. This particular custom plate would surely come welcome for any fan of Only Fools and Horses, the sitcom starring David Jason as the cockney Derek "Del Boy" Trotter.

At an auction in September 2011, ‘DE11 BOY’ was one of the pricier personal number plates available at £3,000.

There have been other personalised number plates sold for real animal lovers as well. Back in March 2009, the plate ‘APE 9’ was sold in a DVLA auction, with a valued price of £1,900. It joined other memorable plate numbers at the same sale, which included ‘OLD 800T’ and ‘TEA 880Y’.

Later in 2009 the DVLA sold personalised plates that attracted dog lovers, including ‘1 MUT’ and ‘L1 CKS’.

For the stronger and more confident motorist, the DVLA also promoted a personalised number plate which read ‘MU55 LES’. This was sold in October 2005 whilst the ‘55’ registration number was in effect in the UK market.

Prior to this auction the DVLA sought to find a creative way to promote the ‘55’ plate, which was in effect for new cars in the UK between September 2005 and until March 2006.

As a result we got a personalised plate which simply read ‘SS55 SSS’. A simple registration like this would surely cater to any fans of snakes…or the letter S.