Free charging kit for UK electric car drivers

This is being offered by British Gas which will also provide access to the POLAR public network to those who take up their offer.

The limited time offer runs for UK electric motorists until 31st March 2015. For no extra cost British Gas will install a 16 Amp data-enabled charging point (4.5m cable) with a recommended connector that’s most suitable for your own electric car.

This should give you faster and the most convenient way of charging your electric vehicle from home. If preferred a faster 32 amp charging point can be optionally installed for an additional cost on quotation.

British Gas will also conduct a home suitability survey and the standard installation process, to ensure that electric drivers get convenient and safe access to their electric charger.

A dedicated circuit separate from your home electrical circuit will also be installed, to allow for faster charging which won’t affect your home electrics.

The access to the POLAR public network is available until the end of March 2014. It allows electric car drivers access to rapid charging points around the UK in places such as supermarkets, shopping centres and city centres.

Those who get the free charging point will also receive monthly network updated by email. There’s also the addition of a subscription to a Chargevision online account, which allows management of your energy usage through a smartphone app.

This generous package to electric vehicle owners can be accessed for free provided you have an O2 data network connection, which will be used to collect your usage data. The visiting British Gas electrician will run tests during your survey to check your eligibility.

You can find more help and advice regarding this free electric vehicle charging package on the British Gas website.

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