Best tips for cleaning your car

Not only does cleaning your car determine how well it looks, there are even legal implications to consider as well.

For instance, if the windscreen and other windows are too dirty to see out of it could be considered dangerous and could lead to a fine for the driver. Furthermore if a registration plate that cannot be read because of dirt, this could result in a fine from police. This just emphasises how important it is to keep your car clean

Preferably of course you don’t just want to keep the cosmetics of the car clean, but also the interior as well.

Happily there are numerous handy, easy-to-follow tips which can be given to keeping your car in a nice clean condition both on the outside and inside.

When cleaning the exterior, a bucket filled with water plus a sponge should be good enough for washing. Even if the car is somewhat muddy, a pre-rinse is rarely required and research from car product suppliers shows that a car’s body can be cleaned with surprisingly little water.

There are certain products you can use in addition to make washing your car’s body a less frequent requirement. Perrys Dealerships sell Easy Guard, which helps to protect paintwork from various damaging factors including road salt, acid rain and more.

Remember as well that having no fluid in your screenwash bottle under the bonnet is illegal, fill up now and keep it topped up at all times.

Also whilst checking under the bonnet, heck that nothing is blocking the interior air vents, such as dead leaves or clogged up dirt, particularly from the winter period.

Whilst inside your vehicle, don’t be afraid to use the air conditioning. When the inside windows get fogged up, turn your air con on, and remember, using it regularly will help maintain it in an optimum condition.

Alternatively you can always take your dirty car to a professional car wash, which can offer service for both the exterior and interior. This however will be more expensive than doing it yourself and it is reasonable to expect some may even bump up prices knowing car owners have less choice than before.