How the DVLA registration changes benefit you

For this month a series of important changes are being rolled out by the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), affecting the first registration and licensing procedures for a new car.

You may not be aware of how these changes work nor how important they are. But the truth is that these updates could really benefit motorists across the UK, making life easier when registering a new car purchase or updating their tax disc. For more information on all the changes announced by the DVLA read our news report here.

Furthermore the DVLA will provide an information leaflet in pdf format to hand to customers explaining the changes, and you can visit for even further information if required.

Here we’ll explain just what parts of these latest changes will affect you the most and the benefits they provide.

Registration fees

Currently first registration and licensing for a car in the UK is performed through two channels; the Automated First Registration & Licensing (AFRL) system and the paper channel (V55).

From this month private car buyers will benefit from a saving of £104 when registering via the AFRL system, as the fee previously required joining this has been removed. If you’re running a business or company car fleet then there’s a potential new saving for you in this regard as well.

Businesses in Britain which do not generate more than £20,000 a week in tax revenue and first registration fees will not pay any indemnity sum when registering a car through the AFRL system. In other words, this means a sum of money for protection against a loss or other financial burden will not be required any more.

Use of tax discs

Up until now any users of the AFRL system have needed to visit the Local Office in order to obtain their monthly stock of tax discs.

However this process has been simplified and is becoming easier for motorists with less travel required. Starting from 22 July 2013, tax discs for new vehicles registered through the AFRL system will be printed and posted directly from DVLA, Swansea. All vehicle registration paper applications will also be processed centrally at the DVLA centre in Swansea.

Application forms have been changed to now include dealer contact details. You will not have a direct contact to the processing team so it’s vital to ensure that these details are accurately completed as DVLA will contact you to resolve any errors as the application is processed.

Also from this month new vehicles which have been registered and licensed can now be used by their designated driver without displaying a tax disc for up to 14 calendar days.

So therefore if, for whatever reason, there is a delay in getting a valid tax disc on to your new car you can still use it. You won’t necessarily be left in a unfortunate scenario where you’re stranded with the car stuck by the road or on the driveway.

Remember that AFRL users will be able to select one of three address options when registering a new vehicle. They include the registered car keeper’s address, the registered dealer address or the fleet operator address if relevant in your case.

It also worth keeping note that if the tax disc for your newly registered vehicle is not received within 8 days then don’t panic. If this happens the DVLA will provide a free duplicate of the disc.