Cars to watch at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is firmly established as one of the biggest and best annual motoring shows in the UK today. The 2013 running of the event will soon arrive, with proceedings for the show starting off from 11th July and continuing through the next few days until the 14th July.

Each year the Festival of Speed hosts a famous hill climb where motor racing vehicles both new and classic take part to set their fastest lap possible in front of a packed audience.

The Festival of Speed attracts many cars from many of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. They are also accompanied by some of the most recognisable names from the past and present of motor sport, including numerous F1 drivers and teams.

For fans of fast and interesting cars there’s an awful lot to forward to at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Therefore we thought we take a look at the best road and racing cars to look out for at this year’s event.

Of particular interest are those manufacturers celebrating their own particular landmarks and are bringing a large and amazing variety of cars as a result.


For the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the French manufacturer Renault is paying tribute to its 36-year long commitment to the motor sport Formula 1.

As a result the company is bringing as part of its display several F1 race cars which were run by the manufacturer themselves or at very least had a Renault engine to power it along. Examples include the Renault RE40 driven by Alain Prost in 1983.

There will be also four 2013 F1 cars from the Red Bull, Caterham, Lotus and Williams teams, all of which use Renault V8 engines.

There are some new Renault road cars due at this year’s Goodwood show as well, including the Captur compact crossover and the all-electric Zoe supermini. Look out as well for Renault’s exciting new concepts attending Goodwood including the Twin’Run, previewing the next Renault Twingo, plus also the wacky Renaultsport Twizy F1 concept.


One of the most exciting stars attending this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed has to be the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak race car. In the hands of the nine-time World Rally Champion, Sebastien Loeb, the Peugeot set a blistering new lap record on the incredibly difficult Pikes Peak hill climb challenge.

Setting a lap of just 8 minutes and 13.878 seconds over the 12.42 mile course, the 208 T16 beat the previous time record around the Pikes Peak track by over a minute and a half. It has since been announced that this sensational racing machine will now take on the 1.16 miles of the Goodwood Hill Climb.

While Goodwood’s hill climb is a lot shorter it is still undoubtedly challenging, but the 208 T16 could set a stunning lap time around this UK-based track.

Other attractions of interest being brought by Peugeot to Goodwood this year include the innovative Onxy concept car, a sharp-looking diesel-electric hybrid supercar.

The Peugeot Goodwood Stand will also include a sneak peak at the 2014 RCZ-R performance coupe, and the new 2008 Crossover. The latter is based on the popular Peugeot 208 supermini and it will arrive to Perrys Peugeot Dealerships later this month.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and Citroen has seen fit to celebrate this achievement with a special rally display.

The 300bhp Citroen DS3 WRC rally car will be up through its stages through both the hill climb and the Rally Forest Stage at Goodwood by the Citroen rally team driver Mikko Hirvonen.

There will also be a replica of Hirvonen’s DS3 WRC car on the Citroen show stand alongside a DS3 R3 rally car, as driven by 21-year old James Grint in the British Rally Championship.

This year’s Festival of Speed will also mark the UK debut appearance of the new Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. The new and extra-efficient family car will appear alongside other Citroen models at Goodwood including the DS3 Cabrio, the DS4 and the DS5.

Alfa Romeo

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Alfa Romeo will mark the 50th anniversary of Autodelta, its official racing division established back in March 1963.

The famous Italian car brand will also celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Quadrifoglio Verde’, the legendary cloverleaf symbol that has identified some of Alfa Romeo’s sportiest models, both classic and new.

Some of the stars of this year’s Festival courtesy of Alfa Romeo will include the beautiful 33 Stradale prototype from 1967. To bring things up to date, this year’s Festival of Speed will also mark the UK public debut of the brand new Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition coupe.


Jaguar returns to the Goodwood Festival of Speed once again, bringing with them an impressive collection of classic cars from their road and racing history. Entries this year will include the XJ13, the D-Type and the XK 120.

Additionally the British car brand is also bringing some brand new models to the UK motoring show, including a new design study of Jaguar’s latest hit, the F-Type.

This year’s Festival of Speed will also mark the eagerly awaited UK public debuts for the new super saloons, the Jaguar XFR-S and the Jaguar XJR. Jaguar is also bringing the new and rare XKR-S GT to this year’s Festival of Speed, where it will be driven on Friday 12th July by Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy.

The following day on the 13th the XKR-S GT will be driven again this time by Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the popular Gran Turismo driving game series.

Land Rover

Land Rover has already provided an amazing curtain raiser for this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, after the British car brand pitted its new Range Rover Sport in a race against a Supermarine Spitfire.

The new Range Rover Sport, the fastest production Land Rover to date, took on the legendary British fighter plane using the grass strip at the Goodwood Aerodrome in Sussex.

The race, the first of its kind at the airfield, involved a straight drag run down and back on the runway, punctuated by a nimble U-turn. It was particularly challenging being conducted on the bumpy grass airfield, notorious for being a low traction surface.

The Spitfire plane used in the race was a vintage 1945 model which can travel up to 80mph before the wheels leave the ground.

If you’d like to find out which won between the Range Rover Sport and the Spitfire, you can visit, Goodwood’s online magazine and the organisers of this spectacular race.