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As summer gets closer, and the first sign of sunshine appears we don’t want you to find yourself in this situation. This is why we recommend getting your cars air conditioning serviced at the start of summer to help prevent any problems during the hot summer months.

Why do you need to service your air conditioning?

Ignoring it can lead to drivers and passengers breathing in bacteria and allergens, poor airflow and persistent smells from the vents.

Our Antibacterial air conditioning treatment cleanses your air conditioning system safely and effectively:

  • Killing bacteria, mould and fungi
  • Disinfecting the air conditioning system and vehicle cabin
  • Improving air flow and quality
  • EN1276 approved

Over 2/3 of vehicles are fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems. Many of us use our air conditioning in the summer, but many of us aren’t aware that the air conditioning system needs regular attention to ensure that it’s working efficiently.

10% of air conditioning gas permeates from your cars air conditioning system every year, this means that it may not work as well as it should. Think back to when you first got your car; did the air conditioning seem cooler than it does now?

Car manufacturers recommend that you get your Air conditioning system recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years.

What happens if you don’t get your cars air conditioning serviced?

The system will continue to lose gas and become less efficient leading to increased fuel consumption as your engine has to work harder.

If your air conditioning isn’t serviced it may eventually fail and need replacement parts costing you more in the long run while your left hot this summer.

Air conditioning systems not fully recharged will be less effective and have to work harder putting more strain on the engine and using more fuel. If your air conditioning system has not been recharged in 2 years it will dramatically reduce efficiency.

How often does your cars air conditioning need to be serviced?

It is recommended that you service your air conditioning every two years; however we are happy to service your air conditioning more often if you want to ensure that you are cool this summer.

Looking after your air conditioning: helpful advice

Run your air conditioning once a week


  • Unused air Conditioning allows bacteria to breed.
  • Prolonged periods of inactivity can cause corrosion or seizure.
  • Replacement parts cost £555 on average.

Switch on air Conditioning once a week to eliminate spores and reduce the risk of “sick car syndrome”

Regular air conditioning checks and services can help to prevent long term damage to your air conditioning that could result in expensive repairs. Don’t get caught out this summer and book your vehicle in for its Air conditioning treatment.

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