Range Rover Evoque inspires another stunning A.Kahn Design

The famous bespoke design house, A. Kahn Design, has released a new uniquely customised vehicle based on the Range Rover Evoque SUV – the Imperial Blue Kahn RS250 Evoque.

The Range Rover Evoque has proven that it is just as desirable and eye-catching as the day it was first put together as A. Kahn Design has chosen to use its guise yet again for one of its creations.

A. Kahn Design specialises in customising highly-admired vehicles and creating entirely new design concepts – some of which include customised versions of the Land Rover Discovery, Ford Focus and Jaguar XKR.

However, over the last few years the Range Rover Evoque’s flair and versatility has become a particular favourite of the company.

The growing demand for the Range Rover Evoque has also played a key part in Kahn’s favouritism of the SUV as the Evoque has reportedly received over 120 international awards and sold over 18,000 units in the UK alone and 100,000 worldwide. Enter the new Imperial Blue Kahn RS250 Evoque.

This new Kahn iteration plays on the same company philosophy as all other A. Kahn vehicles. This states that the A. Kahn design team will not attempt to reconstruct the Evoque on a new platform, but amplify design features that are already present from production.

From the outside the new Imperial Blue Kahn RS250 Evoque offers a distinctive imperial blue paint job which contrasts with a matt pearl grey bonnet and the Evoque’s famed black roof.

The front-end of the new RS250 Evoque gains personalised ‘KAHN’ lettering on the front bonnet, a front grille with a 3D mesh, grille vents, LED daytime running lights and a centre graphic for its front bumper.

Other exterior features include a side sill trim, lower boot lid spoiler, rear bumper vents and 9X22″ Kahn RS-XF wheels – which help to highlight the Evoque’s brake callipers. There is also a custom Kahn cross hair exhaust system.

Sitting inside the new RS250 Evoque there are an array of slick custom features present. Firstly, occupants are surrounded by privacy glass, black leather front and rear seats, vibrant speed & rev counter dials, a carbon fibre centre console and high quality heavy duty carpet floor mats.

There are numerous amounts of diamond detailing inside the new RS250 Evoque as well, with a diamond/quilted centre glove box, four door armrests and gear selector. This diamond detailing is accompanied by contrast stitching.

As well as the Imperial Blue Kahn RS250 Evoque coming loaded with bespoke features, Kahn Design is dedicated to giving customers exactly what they want. For this reason Kahn Design allows its customers to specify exactly what they want their Kahn vehicle to look.

This means that customers can potentially ask Kahn Design to change their car’s colour scheme so that it is the same as their favourite colour or even give the interior upholstery a radically different trim, like denim.

Alongside the new Imperial Blue Kahn RS250 Evoque, there are also a range of other customised Range Rover Evoque designs, sporting a range of different colours – including the RS250 Vesuvius Copper Evoque, RS250 Fuji White Evoque and the Lamborghini Green Pearl RS250.

The customisable nature of the standard Evoque model plays an integral part in the creation of these Kahn Evoque models.

One of the key features of the standard Evoque model is to give the buyer freedom of choice when it comes to a range of design aspects – from paint jobs to alloy wheels and upholstery to media kit. This customisable finesse is partially thanks to the collaboration of Range Rover and fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

The attractive styling of the standard Range Rover Evoque model is set to be enhanced even further upon the release of the Range Rover Evoque convertible. The Range Rover Evoque was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 and promises to add new appeal to the already thriving Evoque range.

Prices for the standard Range Rover Evoque starts from just £29,200.

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The Range Rover Evoque is available from Perrys Land Rover dealerships, located in Huddersfield and Halifax.