The cheapest used vans in the UK

Here at Perrys we offer a large selection of Used Vans which can be accessed either online or at your nearest Perrys Dealership.

For tight budgets however what options do commercial vehicle customers have? The answers can be found here at Perrys, thanks to the examples demonstrated below.

Please note, van price estimates are based on the latest offers as of April 2013 and are subject to change.

Citroen Berlingo

Price estimate – £3,000

Considering the Citroen Berlingo has previously been named the best LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) in Britain, as recently as 2012 in fact, buyers can feel assured that this van is a popular choice.

When considering the qualities it offers, to get your hands on a Citroen Berlingo for just a few grand represents a fantastic bargain.

With its solid selection of turbodiesels and petrol engines strengthening it further, the Berlingo pretty much all-round offers what you could want from a small van.

LDV Maxus

Price estimate – £3,000

The LDV Maxus is not only available on an incredibly cheap deal; it’s also cheap to service yet its impressive cargo capacity makes it a sensible choice for transporting goods or people if you go for the Crew Van specification.

Access to the load area is great in the Maxus and the van also provides a useful wide sliding door as standard.

For motorists primarily concerned with running costs the LDV Maxus makes plenty of sense. Therefore an offer on a used example for as little money as they come available is hard to ignore.

Vauxhall Combo

Price estimate – £4,500

New models of the Vauxhall Combo are already cheap so to find used examples at incredibly low prices is not too much of a surprise.

Not only that but the Combo offers some appealing engines including an efficient 1.3-litre Ecoflex diesel engine, which keeps running costs to a minimum.

The Vauxhall Combo van is surprisingly spacious with 2.39 cubic metres of load space in the generous rear end.

It also comes with a radio, plenty of cubby holes and safety kit including driver’s airbag and three-point seatbelts.

Citroen Dispatch

Price estimate – £5,000

Whilst not offered as cheap as some of the other used vans on this list, the Citroen Dispatch can still represent an incredibly affordable purchase for commercial vehicle operators.

Available in a wide number of body styles, the Citroen Dispatch has a choice of two wheelbases, plus two roof heights and three different cargo volumes. Engines available include outputs of 90bhp, 120bhp or 136bhp.

The versatile Citroen Dispatch can offer at minimum an impressive 5.0 cubic metres for your cargo carrying needs.

A used Citroen Dispatch is a worthy consideration next to rival vans such as the Renault Trafic and Fiat Scudo.

Vauxhall Astravan

Price estimate – £5,000

Not only does a used Vauxhall Astravan still look stylish today, but they are widely regarded as good van models to drive that’s seriously capable of commercial tasks.

The selection of engines with the Astravan includes an 89bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine and three diesels: a 1.3-litre unit with 90bhp, a 1.7-litre with 100bhp and a 1.9-litre unit with 120bhp.

The Astravan’s payload reaches up to 650kg and the loadspace measures at 1.58 cubic metres minimum.

While other vans in the new and used market can exceed these figures, few can match the Vauxhall Astravan in terms of driveability.

A used Astravan then represents a bargain to those looking for a van which makes the driving experience more swift and interesting.