Vauxhall Astra wins police challenge

A variant of Vauxhall’s critically acclaimed Astra model, the Astra Sports Tourer features everything that a police officer could want in a vehicle, such as a mobile police station which includes three computers equipped with forensics and face-recognition software.

Furthermore, the vehicle contains several high quality cameras which record activity inside and outside the vehicle. The cameras can scan suspect’s faces on the high street, as well as record the presence of any potential witnesses.

The modified Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer also uses a high-speed broadband connection, in order to allow police officers within the Astra up to an extra two hours in the field of duty.

Officers within the vehicle can also download video feeds and CCTV footage whilst on the move, as well as upload the data to a central crime database. State of the art technology, on-board the vehicle, allows officers to compress video files whilst in transit.

They can also dock laptops and smart phones within the vehicle, with 3G connectivity available to help the police officers collect and upload witness of crime photography.

A sophisticated black box, usually only found in aircrafts, is located within the heart of the Astra Sports Tourer, able to record data on the vehicle such as its speed, location and miles per gallon.

In an attempt to push the crime-fighting technology on even further, Vauxhall has formed a consortium with specialist firms such as Imagebase, Facewatch, Daetech Systems, Trans-tag, Kelvin Connect and Videolatitude, amongst several others.

Vauxhall’s Special Vehicles Manager, Dick Ellam, commented: ‘This British built and converted Astra Sports Tourer will help make police officers more efficient. It becomes their office and allows them to spend more time on the road fighting crime.’

Vauxhall is currently the number one supplier to Police fleets in the UK, with a seventy per cent market share of competitive segments.

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