All-round improvement for Seat's sales figures during early 2013

Seat will no doubt be buoyed by the improvement that they have made in comparison to last year and, with new models such as the Seat Leon and Leon SC, which debuted at this month’s Geneva Motor Show, the Spanish automobile manufacturer will be optimistic for the near future.

According to the latest figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trading (SMMT), a total of 932 new Seat models were sold throughout dealerships in the United Kingdom, in the month of February just gone by.

This manages to best last year’s February sales for the company, when a smaller 837 new Seat cars were registered in nationwide dealerships, marking an 11.35 per cent improvement in sales for this February.

Furthermore, Seat managed to obtain a 1.40 per cent share of the UK car market in the month gone by, besting last February’s market share of 1.35 per cent.

Switching our attention to the year to date sales, Seat so far managed to witness total of 3,629 of its new cars being sold in UK-based dealerships.

The data released by SMMT show that this figure was 11.08 per cent higher than the year to date figure from this point last year, when a reduced 3,267 new Seat vehicles had been registered across the UK.

In addition, Seat has claimed a 1.72 per cent of the UK car market so far this year, narrowly improving upon last February’s year to date market share of 1.71 per cent.

Regardless of how small the difference is, an improvement is an improvement and Seat will hope to build on this figure for the rest of the calendar year.

Helping Seat to improve its sales and market share figures will be the new Leon and Leon SC, both of which feature a choice of turbo engines and competitive prices.

The all-new version of the Seat Leon will have the potential to push the Spanish brand’s performance even further and become the new pinnacle of the company’s popular range.

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