Citroen sales figures continue to rise in early 2013

The latest new car registration figures, released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show an increase of both sales and market share for the French automobile manufacturer.

The automotive giant can take comfort in the fact that it managed to improve upon its monthly sales figures for February when compared to those of 2012.

Citroen managed to shift a total of 2,822 vehicles in February this year, which shows a rise of 10.71 per cent when compared to the previous year’s figures, where 2,549 Citroen vehicles were registered throughout the United Kingdom.

In addition, Citroen was able to gain a respectable share of the UK car market, managing to claim 4.23 per cent of the market – although narrowly smaller than the market share for some of its main competitors.

Again, this market share figure marks an improvement over last year’s February market share, when Citroen gained a slightly smaller 4.12 per cent of the monthly car market.

Turning the attention to Citroen’s year to date figures, the French car manufacturer has managed to sell a total of 7,581 vehicles in the UK car market, improving upon last February’s year to date figure of 6,590.

Furthermore, looking again at the year to date figures, Citroen has managed to grasp 3.60 per cent of the overall car market with its improved sales. This, again, bettered the company’s year to date market share percentage from this time last year, which was a slightly lower 3.46 per cent.

The increase in year to date sales and market share improvements will be great news for Citroen, who will wish to continue this for the year ahead.

Citroen will be hoping that it’s new Citroen DS3 Cabrio, with deliveries only starting ten days ago, will help to keep increasing its sales and market share figures for the coming months.

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