New Mii specification is the cleanest Seat ever

Potential customers can get a first public look at the Seat Mii Ecofuel when it appears at this week’s Geneva Motor Show.

The Mii Ecofuel utilises various examples of fuel-saving technology alongside the CNG-powered engine. This is the first production model by Seat to use this type of engine.

The new CNG engine is a 1.0-litre unit with 68bhp, and it’s based closely on the three-cylinder petrol unit found across the current Seat Mii range where it offers two outputs of 60bhp or 75bhp.

The Mii Ecofuel emits just 79g/km in CO2, considerably less than the most efficient model amongst the current city car range, the Mii Ecomotive, which returns a CO2 output of 96g/km with the 60bhp petrol engine.

Compared with conventional petrol, the combustion of CNG produces around one quarter less CO2, as well as significantly less carbon-monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Even though it has been specifically engineered to run on CNG, the Mii Ecofuel’s engine can also be operated with unleaded petrol for fuel.

With a full tank of CNG, the Mii Ecofuel returns a travel range of up to 240 miles, while areserve petrol tank extends the range by up to 140 miles. This means that the combined tanks full the Mii Ecofuel is capable of range of up to 380 miles.

Seat estimates that based on current fuel prices across European nations, the Ecofuel’s new engine can cut a Mii driver’s running costs by about half compared to those found with a standard petrol engine.

Other fuel-saving features carried over from the Mii’s Ecomotive trim are also found on the Ecofuel model. These features include start-stop engine technology, low rolling resistance tyres and a brake energy recovery system.

Also to help driver’s keep track of just how much mileage they can still achieve, a special fuel level indicator in the instrument panel informs the driver of the level in both the CNG and the petrol tank.

Seat have not yet announced plans for selling the Mii Ecofuel in the UK market, but it would likely be priced at just under £10,430 in this market.

The current Seat Mii range is available right now to Britain’s motorists at Perrys Seat Dealership found in Aylesbury.

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