Alfa Romeo offers lucky charm to '13' plate car buyers

Since entering this month of March the switch over to the number ’13’ licence plates for newly registered vehicles in the UK market have been applied. The number will be used for vehicles newly registered in Britain from now and up until the start of September 2013.

The move to this particular number has created some concern in the UK market that superstitious motorists may be reluctant to purchase a new car over a large portion of 2013, during what is typically the busiest period of the year for new car purchases.

Alfa Romeo however are looking to persuade these particular reluctant buyers, by offering a lucky key ring to the first 200 UK customers who order a new Alfa Romeo model during this month.

The Quadrifoglio emblem, also known as the Cloverleaf, is the trademark symbol which has been associated with Alfa Romeo racing cars since all the way back in 1923. In that year an Alfa Romeo race driver, Ugo Sivocci, carried a four-leaf clover on his race model for the world’s oldest sports car race, the highly challenging Targia Florio.

Sivocci achieved a momentous victory at the Sicilian race that year, and the Cloverleaf symbol along with the luck it is believed to bring has been adopted by Alfa Romeo since. Following straight after Sivocci’s victory, Alfa Romeo with its lucky symbol on hand went on to win the Targia Florio for six years in a row.

Today the lucky symbol and its name are associated with specific and sportier models amongst the current Alfa Romeo range. The current top-range specification for the Alfa Romeo Mito supermini is called the Quadrifoglio Verde. At the top of the range for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback is the Cloverleaf specification.

Both of these models along with the rest of the current Alfa Romeo model range are available now from Perrys Alfa Romeo Dealership based in Amersham.