Chevrolet fulfils football fan's Wembley cup final dream

Back during the summer of 2012 it was revealed that the General Motors-owned company had signed a deal to become the shirt sponsor for Manchester United Football Club starting from the beginning of the 2014/2015 football season.

The brand has also recently supplied cars to many of the staff and players currently associated with Manchester United, including manager Sir Alex Ferguson who received his own model of the Chevrolet Volt Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV).

Not so long after the shirt sponsor announcement it was also confirmed Chevrolet had signed a separate deal to become the official car sponsor to Liverpool Football Club, a deal which runs now and up until the end of the 2015/2016 football season.

The deals demonstrate Chevrolet’s keen approach to promote its brand towards many current English football followers. After all the company has only gone and joined up in sponsorship with two of the biggest clubs in the world, never mind in England alone.

Now this week however Chevrolet has gone another step further regarding its commitment to football and making fans happy, going out of its way to help a fan of a lower divison English club fulfil his dream to see the team he supports play a cup final at Wembley Stadium.

For Bradford City fan, David Bowers, one dream had already come true as his club has reached this year’s Captial One Cup at Wembley Stadium where the side will face the Premier League team Swansea City. The cup final is due to be played this Sunday on 24 February 2013.

The Bradford fan Bowers publicly expressed his determination to reach the final on the social media website Facebook, despite the fact he now lives nearly 17,000km away from the stadium in Australia.

Bowers jokingly posted a photo of himself on Facebook back in 24 January 2013; with a note asking for one million ‘likes’ to persuade his wife to allow him to fly to the UK for the cup final match. Just a day later and 250,000 likes later, Bowers began to believe he would hit his target.

Then Chevrolet were attracted to Bowers Facebook campaign and in a sign of major support, officially backed the fan’s campaign which has since garnered 1.7 million likes on Facebook and approval from Bowers wife.

From there Chevrolet has gone as far as to help finance Bowers trip to the UK so he can reach Wembley in time for Bradford’s cup final appearance.

To help Bowers complete the trip to the stadium and back to the airport, Chevrolet has also supplied the football fan with a Volt model he can use for his entire visit.

The vice president of global marketing at General Motors, Alan Batey, commented on this special effort made saying: “One of our goals is to celebrate the beautiful game and the passion of football fans around the world”.

“Through our football sponsorship, we are able to help put fans closer to their favorite team, even if it is not Manchester United or Liverpool”.

Batey also added: “By providing the opportunity to see their team play first-hand, Chevrolet is enabling fans to celebrate their passion for the game by putting them back at its heart”.

The car used for Bowers visit to the UK, the Chevrolet Volt, is currently priced from £29,995 and is available now from Perrys Chevrolet Dealerships located in Dover and Rotherham.

The Volt mixes a 1.4-litre petrol engine with an electric motor to deliver an impressively efficient drivetrain. The five-door hatchback offers a range of more than 300 miles and CO2 emissions are kept at just 27g/km.

The Chevrolet E-REV also features alloy wheels, heated leather seats and solar-absorbing glass to keep the interior cool.

Standard equipment for the Volt includes a rear parking camera, a seven-inch screen, front and rear park assist, voice recognition and a pedestrian alert system.

Satellite navigation, DVD player, MP3 and a BOSE sound system can be specified as part of a optional package which will cost customers £1,745 in total.

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