New Chevrolets for Manchester United stars

The staff and players gathered at the English club’s training ground, where they were given a wide choice of models to choose from the current Chevrolet range.

Options included the Captiva SUV, the Volt Extended-Range Electric Vehicle and more exotic cars including the Camaro and Corvette muscle cars.

Different choices were made by players and staff, which reflected each of their needs and lifestyle. The Chevrolet Captiva in particular proved popular to those with families to consider.

Amongst those footballers to pick the Chevrolet Captiva were striker Robin Van Persie, goalkeeper David De Gea and defender Alexander Buttner.

Van Persie commented: “I have two children, so this car (the Captiva) is really good for me – it’s a family car. It looks very nice, it’s a good car”.

Buttner meanwhile remarked: “It’s a really nice car, it’s big, I have a lot of family over from Holland so it’s nice to have a lot of space when we go somewhere”.

Some of the younger players in the current Manchester United squad, including Sam Johnstone and Nick Powell, were amongst those to opt for the Chevrolet Volt E-REV. The midfielder Powell commented on the Volt: “It feels different; it’s a lot quieter. It feels futuristic, especially with regards to saving energy”.

Other players in the United squad opted for something more eccentric however, like the bold Chevrolet Camaro muscle car in either coupe or convertible specification.

Some of the team’s most recognised names including Wayne Rooney, Patrice Evra were amongst those to choose a 432bhp Camaro.

Rooney, who went for a convertible version of the Camaro, remarked: “It’s great, it obviously looks great and I’m excited to drive it. I think when I saw them all together this was the one that suited me best, it looks nice and will drive well too. I chose a manual as I think it’s great to get full use from a sports car”.

Evra meanwhile came away from United’s training ground with a Camaro in the coupe bodystyle. The defender commented: “I like the shape of the car, it’s fantastic. I just had my first drive and I was really surprised, it drives well and you can feel it’s really powerful, I’m very happy”.

Others players including Javier Hernandez and Michael Carrick went and picked up the keys to a 431bhp Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.

The powerful American sports car, which will be replaced with a new generation Stingray model, was greatly received. Midfielder Carrick commented: “I used to have a Dodge Viper but haven’t had a sports car for a while so this is a great opportunity for me. When I got the chance to have this Corvette I snapped their hand off!”

The striker Hernandez said: “I looked at the Camaro and the Corvette, but this (the Corvette) is not too big, like me, we are quite similar!”

In addition to taking delivery of their cars, some of the Manchester United players also received special driving and safety tips from Corvette Racing driver Oliver Gavin. Precautions like this should minimise the chances of us all hearing about yet another high-profile crash from a Premiership footballer any time soon, from this club at least.

All of this comes as part of a fresh new sponsorship deal between Manchester United and the owners of Chevrolet, General Motors.

It was confirmed in the summer of last year that starting from the 2014/15 football season, the Chevrolet brand will appear as United’s shirt sponsor. The deal, which will last up to seven years, will make the Chevrolet brand only the fifth sponsor to ever appear on the Manchester United shirt in its 134 year history.

Chevrolet is hoping that this sponsoring and the endorsement of its current cars by the club’s players and staff, will allow the brand to reach out to United’s gigantic fan base.

In a curious twist, the Chevrolet brand also signed a deal last summer to become the official car sponsor of one of Manchester United’s biggest rivals, Liverpool Football Club, until the end of the 2015/16 season.

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