Best used 4×4 SUVs for under £11,000

Searching the used market however, for a suitable 4×4 SUV that’ll deliver all the qualities of a rugged off-roader mixed with on-road practicality may sound like a very challenging task to some depending on the budget.

At Perrys Dealerships though you should be able to find whatever suits your needs, including if those needs require a decent 4×4 SUV for as little as £11,000 or less.

But what are the best choices for a used 4×4 car for this budget? To help answer that here is our guide to some of the best used 4×4 cars you can buy for under £11,000.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

Price estimate – £8,000

The standard Shogun is a firmly established SUV which continues to sell amongst Mitsubishi’s current line-up of cars today. Up until 2006 however the Japanese manufacturer also sold another SUV derivative called the Shogun Sport, also known for a brief time as the Mitsubishi Challenger.

Used models of the large Mitsubishi Shogun Sport continue to appear on sale across Britain today and for comfortably under £11,000 it does offer key benefits.

While admittedly the ride in the Shogun Sport is not as refined as more modern SUVs, this 4×4 excels in not only reliability but also in its off-road driving capabilities.

Originally based on a pick-up truck, the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport has a large amount of space in both the cabin and for the loading boot. The engine range meanwhile which includes a 2.5-litre diesel unit is sufficient to make the Shogun Sport a decent choice for towing.

This 4×4 represent an affordable option particularly for motorists looking for a more workman-like vehicle which can frequently be taken on off-road terrain.

Toyota RAV4

Price estimate – £6,500

The compact Toyota RAV4 SUV has been ever-present on the off-roader scene for nearly two decades now, with a brand new fourth-generation model expected to arrive later on in 2013.

Previous generation models of the RAV4 are prevalent in UK used car markets including Perrys Dealerships, with a 4×4 powertrain included.

Prices can largely vary depending on the age of the model, but nevertheless a used Toyota RAV4 is a choice worth considering to motorists looking for a 4×4 which is more comfortably suited to urban conditions.

At the same time though the majority of specifications have four-wheel drive and the RAV4 is useful in dealing with off-road conditions or for towing.

The RAV4’s comparatively more compact nature doesn’t stop this SUV from being a tough, practical vehicle which happens to also be very affordable.

Land Rover Freelander

Price estimate – £8,500

Prices for used examples of the Land Rover Freelander can largely vary, with some more modern units coming in at above £11,000. Regardless you can still get your hands on this British-brand 4×4 which is compact but also tough for a very reasonable price.

The five-seater Freelander makes excellent use of Land Rover’s much desired off-road system that can adapt the four-wheel drive system to cope with any conditions and terrain while on the move.

Even much earlier models of the Freelander are marked for both their off-road capability and their stand-out styling. The Land Rover Freelander is unquestionably one of the most capable used car options amongst the compact 4×4 category.

Vauxhall Antara

Price estimate – £10,000

Vauxhall’s prime SUV contender, the Antara, continues to sit in the brand’s current model line-up available in both two and four-wheel drive.

Some of the earlier examples of the current-generation Vauxhall Antara, are only up to five or six years old. However such examples with the four-wheel drive powertrain can be found in used car market right now for below £11,000.

For the money you get an SUV which particularly excels on the road, where sharp handling, plenty of grip and two impressively potent diesel engines give the Antara a nippy drive.

The Vauxhall Antara is also practical inside, the cabin comes with folding seats to increase boot space, roof rails and plenty of space for five people in its roomy interior.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Price estimate – £6,000

The current-generation Suzuki Grand Vitara has been on the market for some time now and some of the earlier examples of what is already a more affordable off-roader has become very cheap in the used car market.

Available in three or five-door variants, the Grand Vitara not only carries stylish looks, but can also deliver an enjoyable drive particularly on the road.

As one of the cheaper 4x4s on the market, the Grand Vitara doesn’t have the premium materials to match other modern rivals. However the Suzuki still delivers in important criteria including practicality, equipment and reliability. With all of this in mind an affordable used Grand Vitara definitely comes recommended to cheap 4×4 buyers.

Land Rover Discovery

Price estimate – £6,000

The Land Rover Discovery is a true veteran of the 4×4 SUV sector and remains a popular competitor in the market even today.

Since Land Rover has been building models of the Discovery for so long, used models of the 4×4 are repeatedly cropping up in the used car market before being quickly snapped up. While the earliest examples of the Discovery do have a mixed reputation, more modern examples from the start of the previous decade onwards are available at cheap prices, and they represent a major step forward in overall quality.

The result is a sizeable go-anywhere type 4×4 that can comfortably seat up to seven people and tackle virtually any off-road terrain.

Discovery models for less than £11,000 can quickly fall in the hands of a new owner, but if you find the next opportunity to own one, 4×4 buyers on a budget can hardly do much better.

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