Kia decorates Optima in Superman theme

The superhero-themed vehicle joins a host of other cars based on the popular ‘Justice League’ comics, such as the Batman-themed Kia Optima and a Kia Soul painted in the colours of the Green Lantern.

The reason for this new breed of cars is to support the campaign ‘We Can Be Heroes’, which promotes an effect to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa. The campaign was started by the famous American comic book company DC Entertainment.

The campaign is not only promoted by the use of DC’s iconic Justice League characters, but also by the heroism of the fictional idols. There will be eight superhero Kia models in total, helping to bring the fight to hunger over a period of ten months.

The car was inspired by the striking and opposing blue and crimson colours of Superman, and influenced by Jim Lee, an artist who has worked on numerous DC comic books.

The Optima Hybrid model was chosen to represent Superman as Kia thought that it’s first ever Hybrid model would be reflective to ‘Superman’s strength and commitment to planet Earth’. It may not be the most powerful Optima, but it is by far the greenest.

In order to create a car worthy of the ‘Man of Steel, the limited edition version of the Optima has received a special widened bodywork for a more muscular appearance. A distinctive new grille was also designed for the car, influenced by the hero’s belt.

The interior of the vehicle has been textured to represent ‘battle armour’ which, although it does not sound comfortable, still allows for a pleasant drive.

In addition, ‘S’ shield emblems have been included on the bonnet and seats, to complete the look and please comic book lovers and superhero fanatics worldwide. However, you do have to look closer to see the Superman logo on the rear fascia and catch the red glow from the headlights.

Whilst the hybrid’s petrol-electric powertrain remains untouched, the themed Kia Optima now includes flared fenders, oversize 22 inch wheels and a height adjustable suspension that is controlled from the dashboard.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president, marketing and communications for Kia Motors America, said: ‘As the most recognised Super Hero in the world, Superman is a symbol of strength and integrity, making him the perfect character to join forces with Kia’s first ever hybrid to create a customised ride powered by a robust and efficient powertrain.’

Sprague further added: ‘Each of our Justice League-inspired vehicles are remarkable collaborations between the automotive and comic book worlds, and all for a worthy cause. To that, Kia is very proud to be partnering with DC Entertainment to raise awareness for the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign.’

The senior vice president of franchise management for DC Entertainment, Amit Desai, also stated: ‘This joint effort to raise awareness for the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign through Justice League-inspired cars has proven to be a huge hit with both comic fans and car aficionados.’

Desai summed up by adding: ‘We’re excited to continue our partnership with Kia to bring the latest addition, the Superman-inspired Optima Hybrid, to fans in Chicago and beyond.’

As the Superman-themed Kia Optima is a one-off charity project, we cannot provide the themed hybrid’s price. However, if you decide that you would like to drive your own Kia Optima, without the superman bodywork, then head on over to the Perrys Dealership page to find the latest prices and book a test drive today.

Prices for the Kia Optima saloon currently start from £19,595.