Vauxhall reveals Adam Rocks crossover concept

This new crossover body style for the Vauxhall Adam is supported by a chassis that is raised 15mm with a 20mm wider stance. According to Vauxhall the design of the Adam Rocks was inspired by parkour athletes, who negotiate urban obstacles to move from one place to another.

Vauxhall has also commented that the Adam Rocks shows “the vast potential for personalisation” the compact new car offers by combining “the toughness of a crossover with the coolness of open air driving”.

As well as featuring a more imposing and rugged profile, the Adam Rocks also swaps the metal roof from the standard city car for a fabric folding cabriolet roof. A cabriolet specification of the Vauxhall Adam has been long rumoured and was recently confirmed earlier this month.

The standard and in-demand Vauxhall Adam is already set to become one of the hottest car releases in 2013. The city car already boasts over a million different specification and trim combinations.

The Adam is sold with up to twelve different paint colours for the body, with pop-culture referencing options including Purple Friction, Papa Don’t Peach, I’ll be Black, James Blonde, Saturday White Fever and Men in Brown.

There are also three trim levels for the Vauxhall Adam, starting with Jam and followed by Glam and Slam. Each trim for the Adam get its own distinct optional decal pack and there are other colour design packs for the exterior and interior of the car.

The engine options for the three-door Adam comprise of three petrol units. The list includes a 69bhp 1.2-litre unit and a 1.4-litre with outputs of either 86bhp or 99bhp in total. All engines are supported with stop-start technology to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

These engine units could also likely be shared with the Vauxhall Adam Rocks crossover in its final production form.

Pricing for the Vauxhall Adam hatchback starts from £11,255.

Deliveries of the standard Vauxhall Adam will start this early March and the city car is available to order now from Perrys Vauxhall Dealerships.