Kia Optima gets superhero makeover for charity

Some men just want to watch the world burn, while some men just want to design a car based on a comic book hero.

Over in the USA, a superhero-themed vehicle was shown at an auto show in Detroit, featured for more than just its flashy and nerd-loving looks.

The Batman-themed Kia Optima is at the South Korean automaker’s exhibit in order to promote an effort to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa.

The featured vehicle was created, along with other superhero-decorated vehicles, as part of a partnership involving DC Entertainment. The ‘We Can Be Heroes’ effort is promoted by the use of Justice League characters, as well as being inspired by the heroism of these iconic characters.

Inspired by the Dark Knight’s darkest nights, and influenced by the artistry of DC comic book artist Jim Lee, a set of coilovers gets the Optima hunkered down over an intense bodykit and twenty inch wheels.

The exterior of the ‘batmobile’ is finished in matte black and piano black, with a carpet of yellow LEDs to make sure that the vehicle is never lost in the night – even shining from behind the massive brakes, Batwing-shaped grille and the HID headlights etched with the Bat-Signal.

Inside the vehicle is, as you would expect, an interior kitted out in lots of black leather with batman logos, as well as ‘utility throwing stars’ in the console and a Batsuit and cowl in the trunk. The car would not look out of place in the streets of Gotham City.

It may not be the car we deserve, nor may it be the car we need right now – but it is a car we want right now.

Although this particular themed car is not available for purchase in our Perrys dealerships, the regular Kia Optima is. Head on over to the dealership page if you’re interested in such a car.