Get a Winter Health Check at Perrys today

With winter weather come winter maintenance issues and drivers are being warned to get their cars checked out or risk causing an accident.

Perrys is offering a 12 point Winter Health Check across its dealerships covering some of the major causes of winter breakdowns.

These include tyre condition and pressure checks including checks on tread depth, rips or tears and tyre pressures. This will help the car keep its grip in the winter and prevent tyre-related accidents such as aquaplaning or loss of traction in rain, snow and ice.

Other aspects of the car that will be checked are fluids such as brake fluid, engine oil, coolant and wiper fluid – all essential when maintaining a car over winter.

Lights are also checked under the free 12 point Winter Health Check at Perrys dealerships, as is the battery, drive belt, wiper blades, brake pads, shock absorber and even the body of the car.

Carried out by trained technicians, the winter health checks are designed to offer driver peace of mind when bad weather conditions strike.

The health checks will be carried out in order to ensure the car is perfectly suited to lower temperatures and adverse weather conditions this winter.

To book a 12 point Winter Health Check at Perrys simply contact your nearest Perrys service dealership today.