Young motorists at risk over service skipping

This is according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) which has revealed the results of a survey it conducted, that was answered by 2,000 motorists regarding attitudes towards car maintenance.

Analysis of the responses includes the findings that 10 per cent of drivers aged 18-24 claimed their vehicle has never been serviced, while the same applied to 12 per cent of motorists aged 25-34 years.

In comparison only 5 per cent of motorists aged 35-54 year olds were found to neglect vehicle service all together, while only 2 per cent have amongst over-55 year old drivers.

Furthermore as many as 57 per cent of 18-24 year old motorists were found to be unaware that software upgrades from manufacturers can be installed to improve a car’s efficiency, as well as the strength of its security, safety and comfort.

Based on these figures, a worrying large number of young drivers across Britain could risk an avoidable accident on the roads with a car that is inadequately prepared.

Without servicing taking place, many components including vital parts such as the tyres and brakes can go unchecked long enough that they become dangerous.

Failing to provide service for a car you own can also easily have a detrimental effect on the efficiency and the level of wear and tear for the vehicle.

The Chief Executive of SMMT, Paul Everitt, commented: “To stay safe and keep costs down, motorists should stick to servicing schedules and have repairs carried out promptly at a manufacturer main dealer. There, fully-trained technicians will work with the latest diagnostic equipment and fit manufacturer-approved parts.”

“Given the speed with which vehicle systems move on these days, it’s also important that drivers check with their local main dealer to see if software upgrades are available for their model.”

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