David Cameron's Fiat 500 L sells for nearly 20k

He bought it as a surprise present for his wife Samantha back in 1998.

But the biggest surprise was how much money David Cameron’s used Fiat 500 L sold for at auction. The car was sold for £18,480 on Saturday – markedly above its initial evaluation of £8,000.

The car went for more than twice its guide price at the weekend’s Silverstone Auctions at The Footman James Classic Motor Show, NEC.

Other classic cars were also exhibited at the auction, but it was the Prime Minister’s Fiat that eventually stole the show.

Nick Whale, managing director, Silverstone Auction, said: “Of course, David Cameron’s old car was always going to generate a great deal of interest because of its fascinating history but it was almost out performed by another 1971 Fiat 500 L, rebuilt to concours standard, which made £17,000. It surely proves that these stylish little cars are very desirable in their own right.”

The Premier’s car was fully restored by the current owner, but was already in good condition. The Camerons reportedly only travelled approximately 1,000 miles in the Fiat 500 L during their 10 years of ownership. The car itself had travelled 13,000 miles from new.

Not everybody was pleased about the car’s sale, however. Last month the head of Italy’s Fiat 500 club wrote a letter to Downing Street to plead with the PM not to auction the classic.

Domenico Romano wrote: “Anyone who owns a historic Fiat 500 knows that it is a classic. Whoever sells it, lives to regret it.”

The plea fell on deaf ears though, with the Fiat 500 L now in the custody of a brand new owner.

A new Fiat 500 is available to buy from £9,960.

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